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    Glamping in Ireland, three places to stay

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    The new frontier of camping is called glamping: in the post, three tips for staying in Ireland in innovative structures.

    In the post, we discover three glamping facilities in Ireland.
    The new frontier of camping is called glamping. The term comes from the union of two words, more glamorous camping. However, the term is not necessarily synonymous with luxury. The cost depends on what the property offers you.

    The good old tent has given way to new accommodation, of different materials, with transparent roof, in beehive structure or wood covered with a yurt style towel.

    So let's start to discover three glamorous campsites which, in addition to traditional accommodations, also offer something innovative, for your first glamping. If you are already a regular, we suggest three new places, to discover the green lands, surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in Ireland.

    1. Finn Lough Lodge

    Finn Lough Lodge glamping, located near the border between Northern Ireland and the Northern part of Ireland, offers innovative facilities such as bubble domes, literally rubber domes.

    You will be surrounded by 180 ° transparent walls that will allow you to totally immerse yourself in nature.
    Inside there are four beds, en-suite bathroom, Nespresso coffee machine, bathrobes and daily breakfast.

    In addition to a break from everyday life, you can dedicate yourself to long bike rides, walks and fishing. Looking out over the Erne Lake, you can also dedicate yourself to pedal canoeing, to explore the different internal courses and sandy bays. And for those wishing to relax after a day of outdoor activities, the Spa offers the trial experience, a two-hour journey with the Finnish lakeside sauna, the cabin of thearomatherapy and l 'whirlpool with a view, where the pool seems to join with the surrounding nature, a horizon effect.

    2. Rock Farm Slane

    Rock Farm Slane glamping is located a forty-five minute drive from Dublin, in a grove of sycamore, oak, ash, chestnut and hawthorn trees that surround it like natural walls, in the County Meath.
    Located on the River Boyne, for an experience in contact with nature, but at the same time luxurious, it offers accommodation in yurt, wooden structures covered with a water-resistant sheet, which can accommodate up to a maximum of six people.

    The campsite offers its guests hot showers, areas for hair dryers, kitchenettes with gas machines, refrigerators, cups, plates, kettles and toasters. And for when you want to relax in front of the warmth of a nice fire, there are the sofa areas.
    There are the docking station for Ipads, and since there is no campsite without excellent delicacies, BBQs and wood-burning ovens are available to campers.

    3. Aran Islands Camping & Glamping

    Last but not least, located on theGreater island of Iris Mor, in the archipelago of Aran Islands, is Aran Islands Camping & Glamping.
    The structures are inspired by the beehive-shaped stone huts used by monks scattered around the island.

    A kind of tiny house, mini houses, which can accommodate up to four people, with double bed, sofa bed plus another pop-up bed. The bathroom is internal with shower. Fully heated, they have mini kitchens equipped with fridge, kettle, microwave oven, plates, cutlery and cups. For more elaborate meals, there is a shared equipped kitchen.

    The island can be reached by ferry from the port of Ros à Mil, just under an hour's journey from Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. The island can be visited by bicycle.

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