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    Girl in Florence, the interview of an American in Florence

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    'Girl in Florence'- Georgette Jupe is a curious American who has lived in the land of pasta and Dante since 2007.
    Here is our interview with Georgette who reveals how she sees Florence, Italy and the Italians ^ _ ^

    "I was born in San Antonio, Texas a city with a strong Mexican influence. I moved to Los Angeles to go to college and have some fun under the Californian sun. Before coming to Italy I also taught English for a summer in China, and it was an incredible experience. After a trip to London, I wanted to try the life in Europe, so I studied abroad in Florence and I have met a Florentine. Now my life consists of working, drinking wine, going to festivals and going out with friends.

    I work in the industry social media marketing which is my passion. My blog is a personal blog, which talks about fun activities in Tuscany, new discoveries, travels in Italy and beyond. Sometimes even some personal reflections on the life of a foreigner who has a job, an Italian boyfriend and a normal life. I love my new city, Florence and I hope to help others discover why this Renaissance city is so much more than a postcard. You can find my daily thoughts on my “Girl in Florence” website ( My motto is “You only live once. "

    What are foreigners looking for when they come to Italy? I think what foreigners are looking for when they come to Italy is a real experience. They are not satisfied only with a famous city and its monuments in 2013, they want to discover something that perhaps no one else has experienced before. They want contact with Italian culture and with the local population.

    What foreigners are attracted to (food, pasta, wine, clubs, good living….)? I think it depends on all these things. When I was in America, Italy was the only country that everyone said they wanted to visit and maybe even live there, even if having to leave their own life with all the comforts that are in America and a safe workplace. It is also true that we foreigners have a somewhat fanciful idea of ​​the Italians as people living extravagant lives surrounded by the beauty of art and good food. In part it is true, in part they do not realize how difficult it is to work and have a stable life compared to other countries of the European Union. Furthermore, the economic crisis puts at risk the preservation of the much-dreamed Italian artistic heritage abroad.

    3 things about Florence that you like the most. It's hard to limit what I like about Florence to just three things. If I had to choose I would say the history that surrounds every street and building, the incredible zero kilometer food and international festivals that take place every year. There is always something going on here.

    3 things about Florence low cost not to be missed. One of my favorite churches to visit in Florence which is also free and has a great panoramic view over the city - La Church of San Miniato al Monte, has almost 1000 years of history and a mysterious atmosphere thanks also to the Gregorian chants that play every day. For another panoramic view you can have a coffee at the Oblate Library which has a splendid view of the Duomo. Furthermore, you cannot go to Florence without tasting Tuscan food, for an excellent low-cost option in the center to absolutely try for lunch.Osteria Gourmets, via dei Cerchi, and a stone's throw from Piazza della Signoria where there are always the same three women always working and the menu changes every day. First courses around five or six euros, generous portions. I recommend a visit to one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, the Santa Maria Novella pharmacy in via della Scala 16. Access to the public is free and absolutely wonderful and a great variety of cosmetic preparations and many gift items too. I always bring people who come to visit me in Florence here.

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