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San Marino is located right above Rimini and although it is beautiful, often in the summer you stop on the Riviera Romagnola and rarely go to San Marino. My advice is to dedicate at least half a day to the city of San Marino, to see the towers, to take some shots, when there is no mist it is a marvel, and to learn about the history of this State which is located within Italy, but that Italy is not.

If you have a car you can easily reach the parking lots near the historic center of San Marino. Here there are several car parks where you can leave your car and with some stairways you can reach the historic center. Alternatively you can take the cable car.

Used especially when there is snow in winter, even by the inhabitants of the city, the San Marino cable car can also be taken in summer. The route lasts a maximum of 10 minutes and the view is spectacular on fine days. You get to the top with the cable car, so that you will only have to explore the city center.

The price of the one way is 2.80 € while the round trip if bought immediately is 4.50. The cable car thus connects San Marino with Borgo Maggiore and the service is active every day from 7.50 with the last run in winter at 18.30 / 19.30, depending on the months and in May, June and September until 20, finally in July and August until '1 at night. Children up to XNUMX meters high enter for free.

The cable car must be taken at Baldasserona - Borgo Maggiore - Parking 13, so up to a certain point you must necessarily arrive by car, or be brought;)

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