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    Getting around in Tel Aviv: sherut and rental car

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    Tel Aviv it is a busy city. Take a rent a car to move around would not be a great idea for two reasons: the first is that you risk getting stuck in traffic and the second is the difficulty of finding parking (few places and, if you do not have a residence badge in that area, also for a fee).

    Tel Aviv does not have a subway network, but it boasts good transportation by bus. The ticket for a single ride costs 6 shekels (ie 1 euro and 20 cents.), While the daily ticket costs 14,5 shekels, almost 3 euros. Tickets are made directly on the bus.

    An alternative to regular buses are the  collective taxis (called in Hebrew sherut). These are buses of about fifteen seats managed by private companies. They are a kind of crossroads between buses and taxis: they follow the same routes as the regular buses, but make additional stops on request. They are usually faster than buses because if the vehicle is already full, it does not even stop at the established stations, but heads fast towards the terminus.

    Another opportunity to move freely around the city is the bike sharing. This is a service activated about a year ago by the municipality of Tel Aviv, which installed about 1500 bicycles and set up a 70 km long network of cycle paths. Bicycle stalls are scattered throughout the city and the costs of the service are really low: 5 shekels, the equivalent of one euro, for an hour of use, 60 shekels for the whole day. The only thing you need to have to use the service is a credit card and the desire to ride!

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