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    Getting around in Fuerteventura

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    How to get around Fuerteventura, all the possibilities in the post: rent a car or take public transport, always take a taxi or use the shuttles.

    When deciding to go on vacation, it is always best to know what are the best ways to get around, in case you want to explore your chosen destination. Luckily FuerteventuraBesides being beautiful, it is also very comfortable to shoot. Let's see together what are the vehicles that can be used on the island.

    Getting around by car in Fuerteventura

    As I told you, getting around it is simple and even more so by car; the main road is only one and crosses the whole island.

    The roads in general are however very comfortable and well marked. Be careful to go into the wild part of the island: there the roads are unpaved or incomplete but, in these cases, it is usually reported.

    If you want to rent a car, you can book it before leaving Italy with the main rental companies that you will find conveniently at the airport (eg. Hertz, Avis, Europcar etc). There are also local companies like Cicar, Autoreisen and Payless, which you will find, as well as at the airport, also around the island.

    Getting around by bus in Fuerteventura

    Another really convenient way to get around Fuerteventura is by bus.

    The island is fully served by the company TIADHE and the main station is located in Puerto del Rosaio, where buses leave for every part of the island.

    One way to save on the price of each ride and not having to buy a ticket every time (which is done directly on the bus), is definitely the rechargeable card. This card costs € 5 and can be recharged and reused as many times as you want and recharged comfortably on board.

    My parents, who go to Fuerteventura very often, have had it for years and move very smoothly and comfortably.

    The taxi in Fuerteventura

    I definitely recommend this means of transport only for short trips and for exceptional events. The rates aren't excessive, but let's say it's not the cheapest way to get around.

    Getting around with the shuttles in Fuerteventura

    The last time I was in Fuerteventura and I had decided not to rent a car, I discovered a really convenient service to reach my hotel from the airport, that is Shuttle Direct.

    This is a shuttle that takes you directly to the hotel where you want to go. It must be booked before leaving and, as soon as you arrive at the airport, just go to their desk to confirm the reservation.

    It does not have an excessive cost because it is not a private shuttle but also carries other people, therefore, you may have to wait for another flight, but still not an exaggerated wait.

    I recommend: if you go to Fuerteventura turn it as much as you can, it's definitely worth it!

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