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    Germany by train, how to discover it low cost

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    Tips for cheap travel in Germany. Some travel tips and tricks to visit Germany and neighboring cities at a low price, read the post.

    Have you ever thought about shooting the Germany by train? Are you on vacation in a big city but want to explore the whole region? The German railways offer many possibilities for low cost travel and improvised.

    I live in Germany for a year and I often travel by train. When I have a day off I like to improvise small trips to nearby towns, but I can't always buy train tickets in advance. So how can I travel cheap without buying tickets weeks in advance?

    They are called Länder Tickets, or "regional tickets“, Which allow you to travel for free on all regional trains in a region for a whole day. Let me explain better, because there are so many types.

    We start from the Länder Tickets valid during the week, that is Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 03:00 the following day. There is a different one for each region and you can use all regional trains and often also the internal means of transport of the cities. The same ticket, bought on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, is valid all day.

    To be sure which trains to take or which trains are included in the ticket, consult the German railways website. In the neighboring regions it is also possible to reach foreign cities that are located on the German border, such as Tønder (Denmark), Szczecin (Poland), Luxembourg, Lauterbourg (France), Salzburg (Austria), Basel (Switzerland), Enschede (Netherlands) e Varnsdorf (Czech Republic).

    We come to the prices: they vary from region to region but the thing to remember is that the more people travel, the less each person pays! In addition, children and grandchildren under 15 travel for free!

    Starting from 23 € for Lower Saxony. 23 € if you are traveling alone, if you are traveling in two you pay only 27 €. A maximum of five passengers can travel with one ticket, but even if the price increases there is still a saving. For some regions night tickets or first class travel are also available.

    If you are in Monaco of Bavaria for example and you want to explore the region, you travel from 23 € up to a maximum of 43 € for five passengers. And it pays off a lot since Bavaria is a very large region.

    If you want to travel on all regional trains in Germany, the ticket for you is the Quer-durch-Land Ticket, starting from 40 € per person valid from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 03:00 the following day. Like the regional tickets, a maximum of five people can travel with this and the price increases by € 8 for each traveler. Five people therefore pay € 76.

    Lo Schönes Wochenende Ticket is an alternative if you are traveling the weekend (Schönes Wochenende means good weekend) and is valid from 00:00 to 03:00 the next day.

    All regional trains in Germany and urban transport in some cities can be used. From € 40 for one person, each extra traveler pays only € 4 more. Children and grandchildren under 15 travel for free. For all details see the website of the German railways (Deutsche Bahn).

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