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Fuerteventura night clubs and discos

La nightlife in Fuerteventura it is very rich and varied and develops in the major ones Resort.

Il fun of Fuerteventura is divided between Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo e Caleta de Fuste where you will find the best lounge bar, pub e discotheques of the island to spend an evening between music, cocktail and lots of people.

Correlejo nightlife

Corralejo and the tourist resort of Fuerteventura more developed at the level of divertissement where you will find the best nightclubs on the island.

in night clubs of Corralejo absolutely does not existentrance fee there compulsory consumption so you can move from a disco bar to the other without having any problem.

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Let's find out which are the best together night clubs of Corralejo:

Waikiki Fuerteventura

Il Waikiki Beach Club it's the only one Corralejo nightclub and it is the only nightclub that is open until 5 am (due to problems related to commercial licenses, almost all disco bars in Corralejo close at 2 am).

La location she is very nice, the selection is made at the entrance and organizes serate ed Events themed with House music, commercial music e Latin American music (on Fridays and Saturdays it is always very full).

Waikiki nightclub also proposes catering service e Beach service and is located in Hernandez Moran, 10.

Kiwifruit Fuerteventura

Il kiwi bar It is one of premises of Corralejo most frequented by those who love the musica R’N’B e Latin American.

La location she is very nice and organizes too serate ed Events with commercial music and is open from 19pm to 2am.

kiwi bar is located at the Centro Commercial Atlantico of Corralejo.

Others night clubs of Corralejo I'm:

  • Banana Bar – Isla de Lobos Street, 14
  • flicks – Calle General Franco, 48
  • Dorada Bar - Centro Commercial Atlantico
  • Mafasca - Centro Commercial Atlantico
  • Casper’s Lounge Bar – Peter and Guy Vandaele
  • Rock Island Bar – Calle Crucero Baleares, 8

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Puerto del Rosario nightlife

La nightlife in Puerto del Rosario is concentrated in the area of port where there are so many night clubs e discotheques suitable for everyone.

I night clubs of Puerto del Rosario they open after midnight and most of them are closed from Sunday to Thursday and then reopen only on Friday and Saturday.

Here are the best ones night clubs of Puerto del Rosario:

  • Calle 54 - is one of the largest lounge music bars in Fuerteventura and is located in Calle Secundino Alonso, 11.
  • Camelot - this is another very special and nice lounge music bar and is located in Calle Ayose, 6.
  • Mama Rumba Club - place suitable for lovers of Latin music and is located in San Roque, 17.
  • La Carpinteria Club and Pub - very nice place that offers great live music and is located on Calle Guize.

Caleta de Fuste nightlife

Caleta de Fuste also known as The Castle e Cove Coast is located about 5 km south of Puerto del Rosario and it is the luxurious place of Fuerteventura.

Il fun at Caleta de Fuste it is not very developed but here are the best ones night clubs:

  • Sugar Bar & Restaurant - this is a beautiful lounge bar with a panoramic terrace that offers lots of music and is located in Calle Francisco Berrier, C / C La Cupula.
  • Aloha Gardens - beautiful cocktail bar where to have an aperitif or where to spend a quiet evening and is located in Avenida Alcalde Juan Ramón Soto Morales.
  • Mappy's Bar & Restaurant - is the most popular place in Caleta de Fuste as it has really affordable prices and is located in the center of Caleta de Fuste.

Un advice we give you is to spend an evening at the Surf Inn andOrange disco club & lounge bar by Jandia andEstella Disco Club.

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