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    From Rotterdam to Amsterdam by train

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    A few years ago I was in Holland, I landed and left from Amsterdam, even if as soon as I arrived I “flew”, not literally, to Rotterdam. I loved Rotterdam, it fascinated me and took me culturally and historically. I liked its freshness and the youth that populates this city, the art galleries scattered throughout the center and the trendy clubs. After a few days I was in Amsterdam, only one day to actually take the flight back.

    I must say that unlike Rotterdam, Amsterdam did not drive me crazy. Maybe I stayed there too little, maybe that, but if I had to make a return to Holland, I think I'd go back to Rotterdam first. Regardless of which city you love most in the world and in this case which one you love most in the Netherlands, I really recommend a stop in Rotterdam.

    Landing in Amsterdam and making a fixed base there is perhaps also easier for low cost flights. In addition, Amsterdam is a city that everyone is passionate about and from there I can also take several one-day trips. From Amsterdam then I recommend you do one day trip to Rotterdam, reaching it on the train.

    from Amsterdam train station take the NS trains and you can reach in about an hour Rotterdam station. The cost of the ticket is around € 9.50 and the train takes only 40 minutes or so to arrive. Pay attention because in Holland I found very clean and really punctual trains, perhaps it will not seem true to us: D

    Of course you can also do the reverse route to go and see the wonderful Rotterdam, have lunch at theHotel New York and stay in the wonderful cube houses. Did I tease you a bit? If you decide to leave let me know, leave me a comment below and I will give you others travel tips low cost.

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