From Manolo, the best sandwich in Rome Prati

Ho discovered Manolo one evening a Rome, by chance. I was desperately looking for a place to eat, it was around 23pm and I know that in the Prati area there are only either very touristy places or very expensive places. I was looking for something quick before going to sleep. So I met Manolo.

In the following evenings, since this paninaro is right behind my house, I noticed that at a certain time, especially in the late evening, the place literally fills up. I later learned that this is one of the favorite places for young people who go out in the evening and maybe come back at night and before going home they go to eat a sandwich here, at Manolo's.

The sandwiches are absolutely delicious. You can't eat them every day because they are really big and even a little fat, but if one day you want to eat these things, I highly recommend it. In addition to the fact that the products used all look good, it must also be said that the sandwiches have really nice names. Recently they have also added the wraps, stuffed with typical Roman flavors such as chicory and porchetta. I haven't tried these yet but I will try them;)

I was saying, there are burgers and cheeseburgers and all the classic sandwiches that have no names and then there are sandwiches stuffed by them that have the names of superheroes, yes you got it right. So there it is Batman, Wonder Woman, Zorro and many others: D The one in the photo is a hamburger with mozzarella and cooked ham, a bit strange, but believe me absolutely good. The beauty is that such a sandwich leaves you extremely satisfied. Drink and sandwich for € 5.

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