Flamenco shows in Seville

Il flamenco is in the blood of Seville: its music has been popular since the early XNUMXth century in Andalusia. One of its first outbreaks was the popular neighborhood of Triana, in Seville.

Together with the cities of Jerez and Cadiz, Seville, the homeland of this dance, is the perfect place to attend a flamenco showIt's a captivating art form, but the trouble is, it can be hard to know which shows are worth seeing and which are a bit of a tourist trap.

What is flamenco?

Il flamenco and the Sevillana, a similar dance typical of the city, are two of the greatest passions of the Andalusians and in Seville, in addition to being some of the most prestigious dance schools, the Biennale of Flamenco.

Flamenco is an incredibly emotional dance style, where abrupt movements and facial expressions play a vital role and reflect the deeper feelings the dancers are experiencing. The dancer can clap his hands, kick his feet, play the castanets or move quickly, maintaining grace and great precision, to show a particular emotion.

Dance is just one of the 4 elements that make up flamenco: the guitar, the Jaleo, that is the clapping of the hands, the feet and the shouts of encouragement, and the singing are essential elements of this tradition strongly influenced by the gypsy population. Some traits of the musical style and dance come from the Jewish tradition and Moorish culture.

Flamenco seems to have its origins in the second half of the 1700s and a large number of schools sprang up in Seville in the early 1800s. There is an area of ​​land known as the golden triangle of flamenco and they are Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, and Triana in Seville.

The Tablaos of Seville

To attend a flamenco show, you must first go to a tablaos, that is one of the places where it is traditionally danced, scattered all over the city.

To ensure that you can attend a high level flamenco show, here are the 5 tablaos in Seville that we recommend.

La house of memory offers a traditional evening flamenco show, which includes the right mix of guitar, song and dance. The setting is small and intimate, so it is advisable to book in advance if you want to attend the show.

It should not be thought that it is a traditional museum: the Baile Flamenco Museum allows you to get to know dance, song and guitar very closely. Aside from the museum dedicated to the history and culture of this dance, performances are held every evening. You can choose to buy tickets for the show only, for the museum only, or for both. Flamenco lessons are also held.

It is an intimate and small place; on stage there is room for a single dancer. While waiting for the show, for which tickets must be booked in advance, do not miss the beautiful one collection of guitars for flamenco, who made the history of this dance.

The show takes place inside the inner courtyard of a building located in Santa Cruz neighborhood. It is one of the few Flamenco shows in Seville that doesn't use some kind of microphone or amplifier. It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the start of the show to ensure a good seat close to the stage.

This venue is located in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Even if the ticket for the show is more expensive than others, this one tablaos is an institution for the flamenco in Seville. It has been standing since 1966 and offers performances of almost 2 hours, where a great variety of music and footsteps alternate. Los Gallos is keen to clarify, due to the greater duration and variety of its dances and music, that what it proposes is always traditional flamenco, in its various facets.

  • Where to see a Flamenco show

    In addition to the recommended tablaos, you can also book a show in other places: below we propose some of them.

    Flamenco Biennial

    Throughout the month of September of even years the best dancers participate in the most important flamenco festival. The festival takes place in the Auditorium de la Cartuja in Seville: an appointment that is already a legend.

    Flamenco lessons in Seville

    And why not try flamenco dancing? Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with one flamenco lesson in Seville, where you will meet local people and observe this artistic form closely: you will learn the basic steps and movements, including those of the hands.

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