Enosteria Mangia: special evenings in Prato

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It eats it is one of the prettiest and also the cheapest restaurants in Dishes. The attention to the quality of the food has always been the distinctive element of this elegant and relaxing place. The soft lighting and the sober furniture give warmth to the place, very suitable for a dinner for two.

THEenosteria has started organizing a theme evening every month, where by booking the proposed menu you can eat, from appetizer to dessert, and drink with only 25 €. I attended the last event, the Sicilian dinner and I really enjoyed all the dishes offered, from the arancino to the pasta alla norma, from the cassata to the meat roll.

On 10 July Mangia organizes a special dinner for Dynamo Camp, the summer camp for disabled children several times also advertised by Radio Deejay and in addition to the buffet appetizers, there will be a vegetable pasta and a pizza on the platter. Reservations are required, specifying your participation in the scheduled event.

Every month, a low cost dinner to discover.

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