Egyptian Museum in Turin, opening hours and visits

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After visiting the splendid Egyptian Museum of Cairo, the first in the world, I also granted myself the privilege of visiting the Egyptian Museum of Turin. There is no comparison between the two, perhaps also for this reason that the Cairo Museum is first in the world, but if you have the opportunity to visit only the one in Turin, do not miss the opportunity, it is still worth it.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin was founded in the 1824 and is located in the seventeenth-century Palazzo dell'Accademia delle Scienze. Over 7.000 artifacts are enclosed here, including papyri, mummies, sarcophagi and statues, telling a story of 4000 years. A beautiful experience that I recommend, if you are not an Egyptologist, only with the help of a guide or a 'audio guide which has a not excessive cost of € 4.

Le statues of Ramses II, Amenothep II and Sethi, located in the lower room, are absolutely not to be missed. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 19.30, it is closed on Mondays. The admission cost is € 7.50 for adults and € 3.50 for concessions, while access is free for children under 18 and over 65.

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