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The review of the Osteria Donna Teresa in the Vomero district. A unique place to eat well at an affordable price in Naples, here is our review of the tavern.

Homeland of pizza and sfogliatelle, the city of Naples it is appreciated all over the world for its rich and varied culinary tradition. For this reason, food has become a fundamental component of every visit to the Campania capital, which has made hospitality and good food its emblems.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Neapolitan cuisine, I recommend you try the trattoria Donna Teresa, in the Vomero district, a place with a simple and authentic atmosphere, where you can taste different typical dishes.

As well as serving great food at truly unbeatable prices, this venue also has a fascinating history. The place was in fact inaugurated in early 900s, when Donna Teresa, a Neapolitan mother of 11 children, decided to open a small restaurant that served “marenne con il cooked”, or rather bread and meatballs. Over the years this small space has then been transformed into a real trattoria, while maintaining its spartan aspect and remaining family-run. In 1976, after Teresa's death, the management of the restaurant passed to her son Luigi Sorvino and his wife Anna, who together with their daughter Teresa still manage it today.

While the function of the venue has changed over the years, its appearance has undergone very few changes. The restaurant in fact retains a simple and homemade flavor, which will make you feel at home. The space consists of a room with about ten tables and an open kitchen, and it's really hard to find if you don't have specific directions.

As for the food, the dishes on offer reflect the homely atmosphere. In fact, the restaurant Donna Teresa not only offers simple and traditional dishes, but also serves products at 0 km, coming from a land purchased in 1980 by the owner Luigi precisely for the local self-consumption. L'oil and wines that you will find on your table are therefore locally produced, as well as most of the vegetables.

The dishes that are proposed therefore follow the trend of the seasons and there is no fixed menu. Usually two first, four or five second courses and different vegetable side dishes are offered every day. Among the first courses you will find dishes such as baked pasta, soups and soups, potato gnocchi, rigatoni with meat sauce or red rice sartù. Meatballs with sauce are famous among the main courses of meat, but you can also find them provolone cutlets or rabbit alla cacciatora. On the other hand, fish-based dishes such as cod or fried anchovies are less numerous. Among the side dishes, on the other hand, there is plenty of choice, so I recommend you ask for a mixed dish, so you can taste a little bit of everything.

And to finish off your meal, you can't skip one slice of pastiera, sweet that reigns supreme in almost all periods of the year.

The most interesting part of your dinner, however, will come at the time of the bill: the price it is around 15 euros each first, second, side dish, dessert and water.

After dinner I recommend a walk to the Vomero district, which gave birth to various artists and famous people, from Jacopo Sannazzaro to Paolo Sorrentino. This area of ​​Naples, dominated from above by Castel Sant'Elmo and dotted with Art Nouveau villas is now very lively, especially in the evening, and will give you a splendid view of the city from above.

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