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    Eating in Barcelona in the San Antoni district: the Betlem

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    Sidewalk tables. An elegant street with little traffic. A slice of sunshine that almost always warms you when you need that extra bit of warmth.
    But it can also be a showcase that allows you to see what is happening outside. Like in Paris, where in almost all the bars i outdoor tables they are oriented to the street, so that one can look and be seen.

    But we are not in Paris, we are inEixample, in Barcelona, but on the side less frequented by lovers of the Barcelona nightlife. That side where sometimes, between offices and furniture shops, there are little gems of gastronomy, frequented by local foodies and the most far-sighted tourists.

    Right here and more precisely in the beautiful Calle Girona, we find the Betlem, a little bistro, with warm colors and simple decoration but with what we call here “mucho encanto” (or charm, according to the French).

    What enchants is above all thewelcome that they dedicate to all customers who enter, the kindness with which they treat you, the care they put into serving the dishes and advising the undecided.
    Gastrobar specialized in traditional tapas (very good coca de vidre and jamón) and creative always of good quality and with interesting and sometimes unexpected combinations.

    Very good too selection of wines, where you can find Catalan labels (they have decided to marry the philosophy of km0) but also and even several foreign and quality labels. Even lovers of the strongest things will find something for their teeth: vermouth, gin tonics, whiskey, in short, there is a little something for everyone!

    Valid option for an informal dinner but also for lunch and breakfast, since the kitchen never closes and you can come in for coffee, juice and croissant for breakfast, and then return to feed yourself for lunch with one of the simple and refined menus that they offer every day (usually a mini aperitif, often a soup or gazpacho, and a main dish of fish or meat).

    Like it for the food, like it for the atmosphere, like it because it feels comfortable and there is no excess of fashion in Bethlehem. In short, to have a table you don't need to book (reservations are not accepted) but you don't even need to be the most fashionable character on the square. You can also enter just wearing a pair of jeans and having a normal hairstyle (something that no longer seems possible in the San Antoni area, where either you are fashionable or you are out).

    I like Bethlehem because when there is a balance of this type, it is also worth spending a little more than normal. In short, we are not talking about an exactly low cost place (I have never spent less than 28 euros for dinner and the menu for the lunch costs about 12 euros), but a place to choose when you want to pamper yourself a little and feel like a loved customer.

    What: Betlem, Miscel.lànea Gastronòmica
    Where: Calle Girona, 70 (yellow M - L4 - Girona stop)

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