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    Eat Romagna at Vite di San Patrignano without fainting

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    Who said that you have to spend a lot of money to dine in a high-level restaurant and be revered and pampered for the duration of your lunch or dinner? We are located in Cerasolo di Coriano, a few kilometers from Rimini.

    More precisely we are al Vite, the restaurant of the nearby community of San Patrignano. So if you are in the center of Rimini but you have a great desire to reach the nearby Rimini hill we absolutely recommend that you stop at this restaurant one of a kind. What you will find in front of you is a place that sooner or later will be "starry". In the hands of the wise chef Fabio Rossi, young waiters and mètre will welcome you who, to define welcoming, is not much, and the restaurant with open kitchen and large windows will win you over immediately. Especially in summer we recommend you to dine on the veranda. Don't be afraid to open the menu.

    You will immediately realize that the prices are achievable to say the least. Different types of home made breads they will accompany you for the entire duration of your stay at the table. If you happen to be in the area having lunch with 10 or 15 euro they will make you a vegetarian or meat proposal, all inclusive of water, wine and coffee. We happened in the evening and opted for the Romagna menu, cost 25 €. Tasting of Romagna blackberry salami, homemade tagliatelle with Romagna and Chianina blackberry ragout, the rotisserie (spectacular) and four different samples of cakes as a dessert.

    If you feel like wine, you can also ask for a cup (come on 3 5 to EUR) instead of a whole bottle. With each new season menus and dishes are renewed, so they explain to us. If you are also nice and critical in what you eat, it could happen to us that, not really satisfied with the dessert (de gustobus), the waiter comes to the table with three different types of desserts and asks you "our pastry chefs in the kitchen would appreciate your opinion ". Sometimes the chutzpah pays off, and how. In the evening we highly recommend you to book, especially on weekends.

    Via Monte Pirolo 7 in Coriano, Cerasolo district.
    tel 0541.759138

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