East Coast Tour: Must-See Places

East Coast Tour: Must-See Places

East Coast is the name used to indicate the states of the east coast of the United States of America. Literally the term refers to all states on the east coast, but in its current meaning it rather means the northern half of the region, including the non-coastal states of Vermont, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

The East Coast is one of the most important centers of culture, economy and politics in the world and is the region of the country with the highest population density.

A tour of the East Coast of the United States offers the opportunity to discover a unique architecture and cultural richness and multiple landscapes. From the vast beaches of Florida to the skyscrapers of New York to the natural jewels of Maine, the East Coast delights all travelers!

What to see on an East Coast tour


Downtown Boston -


Metropolis built between an arm of the sea and the Charles River, is a Boston that a large part of American history has its origins: revolution, independence from the crown of England, abolition of slavery, emancipation of women ...

An emblem of New England, in many respects Boston is reminiscent of Europe, for the lifestyle of its inhabitants on the one hand, and on the other hand, for its old neighborhoods, the terraces of the bars, its irregular streets.

Capital of Massachusetts, Boston is named after a city in northeastern England. The dynamism of his artistic environment is today undisputed. Boston is also recognized as one of the most tolerant cities in the United States and, above all, one of the richest cities in culture and history in the United States.

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New York

Chrysler Building New York –

Different, frenetic, electric, magnetic, magical, dizzying ... All superlatives have been used to describe this incredible city, but the grandeur of New York he cannot express himself in words.

The most visited city in the United States, the third largest city in the world (with over 10 million inhabitants), New York unquestionably remains the symbol of excess and contrasts. It is the city of extremes and superlatives. And from its mythical skyline, on the site of the Twin Towers, the blue faceted silhouette of the One World Trade Center, the tallest skyscraper in North America.

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Washington DC

Capitol Hill, one of the best areas to sleep in Washington -

Washington DC it is a modern city, and every corner is meant to show the power of the country. However, beyond the imposing facades, it hides interesting spaces for culture and the arts.

Here you will not find skyscrapers but impressive museums, memorials and monuments. You can find out Capitol Hill, seat of congress, the Capitol, the Senate and the White House.

There are several memorials to visit: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the memorials to the Korean and Vietnam wars. Museum enthusiasts will be happy to know that most of them are free in the US capital.

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The sparkling coast of the Florida and the tropical climate make it a popular beach destination, with streets lined with palm trees Miami and Art Deco architecture.

Head to the Florida Keys, the 1.700 islands of the Florida Keys are a fabulous beach vacation destination. However, it is not all sun, sea and sand; you can visit the former home of Ernest Hemingway, or walk through the historic center of Key West to discover its historic architecture.

Discover the wildlife. The only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators live side by side, the Everglades National Park it is a jungle of swamps and mangroves best explored by boat.

For family fun head to Orlando. Home to no fewer than 17 amusement parks, Orlando is a fun-filled city especially popular with families or young people. Roller coasters, water parks, unique attractions… Orlando has no shortage of anything.

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East Coast tour off the beaten track


Portland Lighthouse in MAine - Image by Steppinstars on Pixabay


Maine is a little known state on the east coast of the United States, located north of the main cities (New York, Boston, ...). It is also the last state before Canada. Lovers of nature and open spaces will love its beautiful landscapes.

Visit, in particular, the Acadia National Park, one of the most enchanting places in this state, especially in autumn, when the leaves of the trees are tinged with orange, yellow and red.

Do not miss Portland, a small town overlooking the bay of Casco. It is nicknamed "the San Francisco of the East". Of course, its narrow streets that seem to plunge into the sea, the abundance of its Victorian homes, and even its cultural effervescence (surprising for a city of this size) are reminiscent of San Francisco, but the comparison is unfair.


Savannah –

Colonial mansions, cotton plantations, swamps worthy of the Everglades. This is what you will find in Georgia. Don't miss the small town of Savannah. You can visit the Forsyth Park with its large trees that give it a particularly romantic atmosphere, and the historic district of the city (all around the park) with its beautiful colonial houses.


Philadelphia -

Philly, as locals call it, is arguably the largest city on the east coast of the United States, the least known of European tourists. Yet it is a very lively, student city, with many things to see and do. It is especially history buffs who love Philadelphia, especially for its many places and museums linked to American independence.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlatic City –

It's called the Las Vegas of the East Coast, but unlike Las Vegas, located in the desert, Atlantic City is located on the coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean. This is the city of gambling, of casinos, of poker, of the night.

Atlantic City is home to a dozen casinos for fewer than 40.000 residents. For sure not everyone will like it, but its unique atmosphere makes it a must-see on the American east coast.

North and South Carolina


Experience the warm southern charm by visiting North and South Carolina. You can explore the countryside and follow the paths of the Civil War. High peaks, wild coastlines, breathtaking beaches, North Carolina and South Carolina vistas offer many natural wonders. There North Carolina it really has something for every traveler. It is a state blessed with beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountain landscapes and is imbued with the charm of the Old South. Visitors can enjoy numerous outdoor activities along with a taste of Appalachian culture in the mountains. Blue ridge e Smokey. Sun and sand await visitors to the coastal region of the state with the Outer banks and the bustling city of Wilmington on the beach. From the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east, South Carolina offers as much variety in its territory as it does in its attractions and activities. The state is divided into three regions. The northern region is famous for its outdoor activities and quaint mountain towns. The Midlands region is home to the state capital of Columbia, famous for its year-round summer weather. The coast of South Carolina holds historic gems such as Charleston e Fort Sumter, and havens like Hilton Head Island e Myrtle Beach.



Visit this sailing capital, where the "America's Cup" began. Previously, billionaires rivaled their Newport summer residences, manor houses they called "homes or mansions."

Most of these villas, built in the early XNUMXth century, are now open to the public. The best known is "The Breakers “, A mansion that belonged to the Vanderbilt family. It was in the St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, in Newport, which Jacqueline Bouvier and John Fitzgerald Kennedy married in 1953.

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