Destinations in the United States

Destinations in the United States

Here is the list of the most important and famous destinations of the United States of America. Large cities are not included and will be covered in other pages.

Destinations in the United States of America

Denali National Park - a national park with the highest peak in North America

Grand Canyon - the longest and most visited canyon in the world

Mesa Verde National Park - a place where cave dwellings of the Pueblo are well preserved

M - the face of 4 former presidents carved on the facade of a mountain

Niagara Falls - impressive waterfalls straddling the border with Canada

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Southern Appalachian National Park

Walt Disney World - the most famous vacation destination in the world

Yellowstone National Park - the first national park in the United States and home to the Old Faithful geyser

Yosemite National Park - the home of El Capitan and the trees of the famous Giant Sequoia

These are some of the main destinations to see during a trip or vacation in the United States. Soon we will add other important destinations not to be missed during a trip or a vacation to discover the States. If you have goals to recommend you can write them in the comments.

Map of the major cities of the United States -

American tourist regions

If you are planning a trip or vacation to the United States it would be impossible to visit this huge country in one trip. The United States can be divided into 11 tourist regions. Normally in each trip you visit a region, however in principle no more than 3, in order not to have a very distracting trip.

New England
East coast
Great Lakes
Rocky Mountains
Pacific coast
Pacific Islands
Caribbean islands

Map of the United States of America

Map of the main destinations of the United States

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