Christmas markets in Gothenburg, the magic of Sweden

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Gothenburg and its Christmas Markets in Sweden. Find your flight to Gothenburg, where you will find unique Christmas magic, lots of snow and lots of unique Christmas markets: seeing is believing.

To savor the Christmas atmosphere in the best possible way, both from the point of view of traditions, cuisine and climate, we suggest you visit the city of Goteborg in southwest of Sweden, during the month of December. It is in this period of the year that the Swedish city offers its visitors the most classic of atmospheres, with lights, colors and flavors typical of the Jul (Christmas).

When you think about Christmas, one of the places you most imagine visiting this magical time of the year is undoubtedly somewhere in Northern Europe. Sweden is certainly a country to go to during Christmas, to truly and fully experience the atmosphere of Christmas. Here, there is Goteborg, a Swedish town that offers a lot for those who want to get lost in a fairy tale, because it really has all the air of a modern fairy tale, with lots of snow, lots of Christmas lights, candles, decorations and sweets, sweets to I can't anymore.

In Gothenburg there is also an amusement park named Lieseberg. The park, which is open to visitors on weekends in December until 22pm, lights up its dozens of trees with hundreds of small lights and offers delicious surprises and interesting gift ideas. In the main avenues of the park, in each wooden house, local artisans offer their products for sale.

Strolling in the Christmas market you can savor the Glogg, a hot wine similar to mulled wine, served with flakes of almond and raisins and often accompanied by Pepparkokar, spiced biscuits. The Glögg is the Christmas drink par excellence in Sweden and helps to warm up during the walk, as well as the various braziers located along the path of the flea market and around which they gladly exchange a few words with the other visitors.

Although the Lieseberg Christmas market is one of the most famous in Gothenburg, it is also good to take a look at the other markets, to find and taste different handicrafts. That of Kronhuset, for example, it is famous not only for ornamental objects but also for chocolate: in fact, in the courtyard of Kronhuset, there is the most famous chocolate Factory of Goteborg that offers tastings and greedy temptations.

The market of Haga districtinstead, it winds through the characteristic streets of this ancient part of the city, between historic shops and wooden buildings: the classic fishermen's houses. In this market there are several products related to Swedish gastronomy: jams, herring, bread and sausages. It is not uncommon to see marching bands parade or hear Christmas carols from squads of boys standing on street corners - all to make the atmosphere a little warmer, although the temperatures are really cold.

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