Christmas in Paris, a counter-current post

Paris at Christmas we all want to come. Families because they want to take the bronchitis to children at Disneyland, teenagers because they want to get pneumonia on New Year's Eve under the Eiffel Tower, lovers because they want to have a congestion wondering in after dinner weds on top of the Eiffel Tower. It is useless to warn people: nothing, they come to us like cavvallette, in Paris for Christmas.

Paris at Christmas it's freezing cold. This year then it snows as well and you risk breaking your tailbone by sliding on the pavements of snow papessa.

Paris for Christmas, however, you can always stop in a café and grab a hot wine, so you recover for a moment and then you're drunk and you don't feel the cold anymore e tac. bronchitis you too that you wanted to do her pussy in Paris with snow.

And while you're at it, maybe you eat a nutella and banana crepe made by Paris. If you are really hungry you can eat a lot of very fat and very good stuff foie gras, cassoulet or the very putentissima squeegee, that melted cheese that you pour over boiled and sliced ​​potatoes. The incredible thing is that even if it's freezing cold, you those fats there you don't burn them. No no. They are your souvenir from Paris and will accompany you to the costume fitting.

The cool thing about Paris plus all the lights on Champs Elysées are the animated vitrine of Galeries Lafayette. I like, I spend hours there, it's wonderful.

It is full of puppet animals and dream creatures all moving with invisible threads and gadgets who prepare dinners with toys and dress dolls with miniature mini dresses and Sequins and they never stop, you'd be there for hours to watch them. I get my beautiful bronchitis every year, and I'm happy.

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