Catania Fontanarossa airport will close one month

For those of you planning a nice little vacation in Sicily, maybe a Catania, in addition to giving all the tastiest advice on where to eat and what to do, I can give you some very important news. From the 5 November to 5 December in fact theCatania Fontanarossa airport will close its doors.

The airport will close for maintenance work on the runways and all flights will be diverted to Palermo and some also to Reggio Calabria so as to also cross the Messina road. What can be done in alternative? Given the news for that period if you are already planning a vacation or business trip, think for yourself change airport so you will not suffer further inconvenience.

For information further or more detailed I suggest you make a phone call to Catania Fontanarossa Airport so as to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and stay on foot or better still far from your holiday destination.

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