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Castelmezzano what to see and what to do in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

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Castelmezzano where it is

Castelmezzano is a very small village of about 900 inhabitants which is located in Basilicata in province of Potenza.

Defined by the American Budget Travel magazine one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and in the world, Castelmezzano was born in the heart of Lucanian Dolomites at 750 meters above the sea level near the Gallipoli Cognato Natural Park.

Lucanian Dolomites

Le Lucanian Dolomites o Small Lucanian Dolomites are found inLucanian Apennines and constitute the heart of the namesake natural Park.

Where to eat in Castelmezzano

They originate east of the largest Pierfaone-Volturino-Viggiano ridge and take the name of The Dolomites as they have a morphological similarity with the famous and imposing ones mountains of the triveneto.

La Lucanian Dolomites are formed by steep peaks andaltitude average is around 1100 meters above sea level, the highest point is the Coast of San Martino while other peaks of considerable naturalistic and landscape importance are theGolden Eagle, Great Mother, the peaks of Monte Carrozze and peaks of the Murge di Castelmezzano.

La flora and fauna of the Lucanian Dolomites they are something beautiful in that they host very rare plant species such as'Lucanian onosome, red valerian and lunaria annua and some unique bird species such as Peregrine Falcon, kestrel, red kite and royal crow.

I municipalities that are part of the Lucanian Dolomites are Castelmezzano, Campomaggiore, Pietrapertosa e Albano di Lucania.

Castelmezzano what to see

Castelmezzano has very ancient origins dating back between the fifth and sixth centuries BC so it is a village rich of historical monuments.

Here what to see in Castelmezzano:

  • Mother Church of Santa Maria dell'Olmo: it was built in the XNUMXth century and houses sculptures and paintings such as the Madonna del Carmelo, the Holy Family, the souls in purgatory and much more.

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  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher: it was the place where, at the time, the burials took place and houses the wooden statue of the Madonna dell'Ascensione and the municipal cemetery.
  • Chapel of San Marco or of the Madonna delle Grazie: it houses an ancient painting with the effigy of the Madonna delle Grazie.
  • Chapel of the Madonna dell'Annunziata: it was built around the seventeenth century and is located in the highest part of the village.

Castelmezzano excursions

Here are what we think of the staff le the most beautiful excursions to do in Castelmezzano:

The seven Castelmezzano stones

Il route of the seven stones it's a ancient path of about 2 km that connects Castelmezzano a Pietrapertosa where, along the way, you can admire ancient bridges, ancient stones / gravestones, ancient doors and a lot nature identity.

This pathway, according to what the book by Mimmo Sammartino entitled "Vito danced with the witches", is composed by 7 imaginary stages which destinies, enchantment, sorcery, Witches, volo, dance e delirium.

Castelmezzano Nepalese Bridge

Il Nepalese bridge o Tibetan bridge of the Lucanian Dolomites it is 72 meters long and is suspended 35 meters high and connects the two starting points of Rotten (Pietrapertosa) and Via Ferrate Salemm (Castelmezzano).

Il bridge can be crossed by a maximum number of 15 people at the same time and to follow it you have to adapt to the various ones security systems which are very rigid.

More excursions to do I'm the one at Camastra lake and Gallipoli Cognato Regional Park in the Little Dolomites.

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