Casa Zanni, Steak House in Verucchio

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Zanni house is located in Villa Verucchio, 20 minutes by car from Rimini, in the hinterland of Romagna. Casa Zanni has always been known as a place where eat Romagna and well, drink good wine and spend a Sunday with the family or a Saturday evening with friends.

The special thing about this place is that it is divided into three parts. On one side is the butcher's shop where to order the meat and piada directly and take everything home, a little bit of the Zanni to take away. Then you find the real restaurant where you can eat "seriously" and finally on the upper floor of this cottage located in the historic center of Verucchio is the Steak house.

The Steak House has been open for some years now and is the ideal setting for some informal evenings. Here you can eat well and spend the right amount, while certainly on the first floor you spend a little more, but it is also true that the dishes are much more elaborate.

Casa Zanni is open from 1919 and if you are nearby and you want to try to make a leap, you will surely not be disappointed. I ate the carpaccio with rocket and parmesan, but the friends who were with me tried it sliced ​​with rocket and parmesan, the cut to green pepper and lamb, plus baked potatoes, vegetables, piadina, water, wine and coffee for € 15 per person. Honest.

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