Car rental in the USA: costs, payment methods and requirements

Car rental is certainly the best choice to discover the American territory on the road. In countries like Canada, and especially in the large United States, the best choice for a trip or a holiday with various stops and destinations, is the car rental. This allows flexibility in schedules, breaks and especially in planning the itinerary.

Rental cost

I rental costs they are lower than in Europe. It starts with a daily cost of around $ 15-20 for small machines. Plus the bass cost of gasoline (in this period it is about half a dollar a liter) makes traveling by car the most comfortable and convenient way to travel in America.

When calculating the costs, do not forget to add those for the insurance. Adding at least the main insurances allows you to be more relaxed and enjoy your trip or vacation better. In addition to insurance, it is advisable to also add theroad assistance, if not understood.

Terms of Payment

Almost all car rental companies require one credit card. Before making a car reservation, read the rental contractual conditions carefully. In some cases it is also possible to pay with Debit Card indicating the name and surname of the holder. The card must have sufficient funds for the security deposit in case of accidents not covered by the insurance.

Il car rental without credit card in the USA or with prepaid cards it is not possible. On various forums there are reports of travelers who managed to rent a car without a credit card, leaving only a security deposit in cash. But since it is not an official practice and in order not to incur unpleasant surprises upon arrival in America, we recommend that you have a credit card before leaving.


La Spanish driving license it is a fundamental requirement for the collection of the car, preferably with a validity of at least 6 months. In addition to the driving license, the passport.

If the driver a less than 25 years an additional cost is required for car rental. It is also necessary to have had a driving license for at least one year.

On the international driving license the debate, whether it is necessary or not, is still open. The circular of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport issued on March 12, 2014 indicates in some American states a necessary requirement to drive, together with the Spanish driving license. Even if the testimonials of travelers in the various forums do not indicate the need. *

Where and how to book

It is advisable rent the car at the arrival airport in the States. The rates charged by car rentals at the airport are cheaper than those in cities.

find the best deals of car rental it is a good idea to compare the main car rental agencies and make various estimates. We recommend using Skyscanner which compares rates and offers you the best solutions based on the period.

Check availability and rates

* It is important to follow the information provided by the various car rental companies on all necessary documents and contractual conditions.  

Alamo, one of the best car rental companies for the United States and America

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