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Camigliatello Silano information and useful advice

Camigliatello Silano is located about 1300 meters. and has ski lifts and ski slopes.

It is one of the Silane locality with a greater tourist vocation, during all seasons of the year.

The country is located within the Sila National Park, where all year round you can admire the animals present and take walks in the paths of the Silane woods.

Camigliatello Silano climate and sport

Il climate of Camigliatello it is typically mountainous, almost alpine: winters are long and rigid, sufficiently snowy from 1000 to 1300 meters and more persistent (snowpack present from December to April) from 1400 meters.

Summer is cool with usual short-lived thunderstorms during the afternoon hours.

The sports that can be practiced in Camigliatello in winter are skiing and other types of winter sports.

In summer, however, the huge expanses of trees are suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports, from walking to horseback riding to mountaineering sports.

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Camigliatello Silano ski lifts and ski slopes

Camigliatello Silano it has 3 ski lifts, 6 km of alpine ski slopes and 20 km of Nordic ski slopes.

Lovers of cross country, on the other hand, they can find a carousel of panoramic loops or enter the wooded forests that wind for about 50 km.

The entire area surrounding the resort offers various alternatives to ski slopes or at the bottom rings, in fact there is a good presence of hiking routes that can be practiced both on foot and on skis, and also off-piste routes that make the joy of snowboarder.

The ski resort of Camigliatello, summarizing, we can say that it has two downhill slopes, one easy and one medium that wind along the mountain slopes of the Curtius for a difference in height of about 400 meters.

Furthermore, the Camigliatello ski area it is equipped with a modern gondola with closed cabins with automatic release (there are 52 cabins available with an hourly capacity of 1800 people).

The station therefore enjoys a high level and modern service to tourists that allows skiing in the best conditions of slopes and lifts. There are several services that are made available to the skier from equipment rental, to the various shelters e bar which are found along the ski network.


Camigliatello it is a real paradise for hiking.

There are many paths that climb through the wooded hills that surround the town.

Among the most beautiful routes is the one that connects Cross of Magara, Weather in Macchiasacra, Rate plants, Dark Mountain, CAI Dark Refuge etc.

Trails that in winter turn into a paradise for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Mushroom festival: the popular mushroom festival takes place in autumn, one of the most delicious foods of the Silan tradition.

The event lasts three days, during which you can taste various specialties based on mushrooms, and typical products of Calabria, enlivened by folkloristic shows.

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Potato Festival: takes place in November and also hosts a local craft fair.

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Christmas and New Year's Eve in Camigliatello Silano ideas and suggestions

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Photo gallery Camigliatello Silano

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