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    Brunch at The Milestone, Sheffield

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    Judit Llordés

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    Un brunch a The Milestone it's not a normal brunch, I assure you. Here we are talking about the place crowned the best restaurant with English cuisine by Gordon Ramsays. And I've told you everything.

    The dreaded Gordon Ramsays, the one who drives chefs and aspiring chefs from all over the world crazy and intimidated, has declared this place as the best in its cuisine, its flavors and its service. And how to blame him? After having been there and after having tasted the Sunday brunch, I could not really disagree with the famous chef and I decided to make a post, so that you too, if you pass by Sheffield, can go and find the place and have a good lunch.

    The restaurant is located in the industrial part of Sheffiled, in a place not too full of shops and windows, indeed there is nothing in various ways, but the place is doing great. For a Sunday brunch it is not necessary to book, you will find space, but if you want to organize a dinner or a lunch here, obviously book well in advance.

    The interior is quite light, the tables of light wood, the light walls and of course the dishes give way to dishes, in reverse colorful and immensely worked, but most importantly, great.

    Here I tasted the fried bread, indescribable and many other delicacies. Furthermore i details and attention to these are on the agenda. To get to the bathroom you need to pass in front of the kitchen, which is open to view… also in the macchiato or cappuccino that you take they will bring you a glass bottle full of milk to pour as you wish. I recommend it to you.

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