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    Breakfast in Madrid: Pastelería El Riojano

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    Judit Llordés

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    Find a place to do breakfast in Madrid it's not always easy, at least for me it wasn't. In Madrid I noticed that many pastry shops offer sweets too frosted which are not always liked, at least to me. In addition, the two most famous are located near Puerta del Sol they have no seats or are overcrowded.

    Passing between a place and the other that they recommended I noticed the Pastelería El Riojano located at Calle Mayor 10. From the outside, this patisserie looks rather small, with just one point of sale. Actually if you go through the door inside you will find one real hall where you order at the table and sit comfortably to enjoy breakfast ^ _ ^ A paradise.

    The one above along with a Cappuccino it was my breakfast on a Saturday morning in late January. I highly recommend this place both for the serenity of the place, compared to the confusion I noticed in the others, and because it is an intimate place that offers many types of pastries and biscuits. Then the room inside is all pink *-*

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