Borgio Verezzi holidays in Liguria

Borgio Verezzi one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Spain

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Borgio Verezzi advice

Borgio Verezzi is a small village of about 2500 inhabitants which is located in province of Savona.

Borgio Verezzi is the land where the waters of the Rio Battorezza, the Caves with a thousand colors, due to the presence of various minerals, an oasis on the crystalline sea ​​of ​​Liguria with sandy beaches, Mediterranean nature, climate mild all year round and ancient traditions.

Borgio Verezzi where to eat well and spend little

Borgio Verezzi what to see

Borgio Verezzi It is one of smaller and more beautiful Spanish villages and offers visitors something truly magical.

Here is according to us the Staff of what to see in Borgio Verezzi:

Caves of Brorgio Verezzi

Le Caves of Borgio Verezzi, also called Valdemino, were born thanks to a natural karst phenomenon sprung fromwater erosion in the rock for millennia.

Inside the caves, in addition to the natural beauty, you can admire animal remains that no longer populate the Liguria like rhinos, crocodiles e mammoth.

More things to visit in Borgio Verezzi I'm:

  • Historic Center of Borgio Verezzi
  • Saracen villages
  • Caprazoppa promontory

If you visit or are in holiday in Borgio Verezzi during the month of August, do not miss the two city festivals which are really fantastic like the one Snail Festival and Sagra del Fugassin.

Borgio Verezzi discos and night clubs

Borgio Verezzi beach and sea

A Borgio Verezzi there is not a very good sand but big grains and a lot of dust.

Le free beaches in August they are crowded while the paid ones are more liveable.

However the most beautiful free beaches are those under the state road that goes towards a Finale Ligure.

Il sea it is usually clean, but in August (especially the week of the 15th) it tends to get dirty, but it is a phenomenon due to the massive presence of tourists and therefore common to the whole area.

Borgio Verezzi hotel

Here are some of the best Borgio Verezzi hotel:

Hotel Villa delle Rose

THEHotel Villa delle Rose is a structure a family run for over 40 years where you will find quality, hospitality e courtesy.

La structure it is located in front of the sea and about 100 meters from the affiliated beach.

Hotel Villa delle Rose it is located in Via Nazario Sauro, 1 Tel (+39) 019 610461.

Hotel Ideal

THEHotel Ideal is the right place to spend unforgettable moments a Borgio Verezzi.

La structure, born in the 900s, was a private house and in 1988 it became one of the best hotels in the medieval village and is located just 50 meters from the sea.

Hotel Ideal 3 stelle it is located in Via XXV Aprile, 32 Tel (+39) 019 610438.

Others Hotel in Borgio Verezzi I'm:

  • Villa Ada hotel restaurant - Via Vittorio Veneto, 4 Tel (+39) 019 610433
  • Shelter La Vela - Via Vittorio Veneto, 37 Tel (+39) 019 610403
  • Rivamare Hotel - Via Aurelia, 27 Tel (+39) 019 611906

Borgio Verezzi restaurants

Here are some restaurants in Borgio Verezzi where you can eat well:

  • Doc restaurant
  • Ancient Society
  • A Topia Restaurant

We point out that a Borgio Verezzi i night clubs they are practically non-existent and to find something you have to move to the neighbors Finale Ligure, Pietra Ligure O .

The positive note of Borgio is that even in the middle of August it is a quiet place to relax, swim and walk on the paths surrounded by nature.

organize a holiday or a weekend in Borgio Verezzi choosing among the best offered of the best tour operators see TRAVEL AND HOLIDAY OFFERS FLIGHT + HOTEL.

Borgio Verezzi pictures

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