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    Blue Fish, full menu at € 12

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    Il Blue fish has existed for many years a Fano although it has recently also opened in Milano Marittima, Cattolica and Rimini. The photo above was taken of the one in Fano and I will tell you about that place. However you can find all the addresses on the official website of Pesce Azzurro.

    The history of the Pesce Azzurro is that of Fishermen's Cooperative of Fano who takes it into his head to make the blue fish of the Adriatic sea appreciated in the best possible way. The Pesce Azzurro slowly begins to make its fortune and the cooperative finds in this food, good, fresh and of great local character, its fortune.

    From the first makeshift "restaurant", Pesce Azzurro over the years has become a real place with offices not only in Fano but also in the Romagna close. Here every day the menu changes but the price of the complete menu, two appetizers, first, two seconds, bread, water and wine is 12€. It is true that you don't eat like in a luxury restaurant, this is clear, but if you consider that sometimes in a restaurant € 12 is the price of a single first course, here you could really save.

    The Pesce Azzurro is located in Fano at the height of the Port of the city, very easy to reach, it also has a large parking lot. Generally there is often a decent one fila, even if it is very smooth. Beware of opening and closing times because after 14.30 pm you will not be able to enter. Great flaw is that of not having to pay by debit or credit card, but right outside the restaurant you will find at least a couple of services :)

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