Bari-Napoli the ideal pizzeria in Bari

How many times do you go out with a group of friends to eat a pizza, but despite being such a simple food, personal tastes are very different and there is always the usual struggle to try to go to your favorite pizzeria? There are those who want it thin, some crunchy, some high, some soft ... that's why it is born Bari-Naples, pizzeria in the heart of Bari (Via Piccinni 187-189) that manages to combine the tastes of everyone, even the most undecided.

This place, in fact, manages to combine traditional Bari cuisine with the most famous Neapolitan cuisine, allowing the customer to choose between the classic pizza from Bari, rather subtle and fragrant, and the wonderful Pizza, much softer, taller and with the typical raised edge.

The pizzeria welcomes its customers with two rooms, one more intimate that can cover about 60 seats and the other much larger, ideal for birthdays and parties in general, with over 100 seats. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday (opening hours 13.00-02.00), allowing you to enjoy the pizza for lunch, often difficult to find, while it is only open for dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. In any case, booking is highly recommended because, from personal experience, I can confirm that there are always a lot of people especially on weekends.

The restaurant will surprise you not only for the choice between the two different types of pizza (Bari and Neapolitan), but also for the possibility of ordering pizzas by the meter or by the half meter, particularly suitable when going out with a group of friends. Add to this the wide choice of gluten-free pizzas for those with celiac disease, which has become very important nowadays to stand out from the crowd.

The first courses are also very tasty: for no other reason it is a place that also presents itself as spaghetti and risotto and the choice is really very wide. There are also appetizers, salads and to round off the classics and homemade desserts.

A special mention, in my opinion, deserve the homemade fries served at the beginning of the dinner ... really tasty! The restaurant also opened a summer office in Baia San Giorgio, in the Torre a Mare area, an ideal place to escape from the summer heat of the Apulian city and to relax right in front of the sea.

Il service is really very friendly, fast and really relaxed atmosphere and, very importantly for us low cost travelers, the prices remain perfectly in line with the Apulian capital. In short, a place that I can fully recommend because it can really please everyone and being slightly outside the historic center, it allows you to spend an evening without even the stress of parking.

Photo: British Mum

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