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    Barcelona, ​​Hostel Express, rating 6 and a half

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    THEHostel Express di Barcelona it's a hostel where in my opinion it's not really worth sleeping. The vote 6 and a half it is given by the fact that all in all the structure is good and clean. But having the same budget, if I were you I would look for another accommodation.

    The Hostel Express is located in Carrer de la Riera de Sant Miquel, 74, in the district of Gracia. Reaching it is not difficult and the metro is very close. The hostel on the site speaks of about 60 € per night even if in high season the price obviously increases and photo they do not actually render the structure as it is inside.

    Clean and well located, we said, but a little too much minimal e small for my taste. The colors are those of light gray and white, breakfast is not included even if it has a very positive note: the checkin and automatic checkout. What does it mean? It means that if you arrive or leave at odd times due to ryanair planes and the like you will not have to pay an additional fee for this, which can sometimes mean 20 or 30 € in addition. In short, this particular must be taken into account.

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