Barcelona gastronomic experience: the Tickets Bar

Today I have one gastronomic proposal in Barcelona inexpensive low cost. Very little. But since we also often talk about special places, I think it's still worth talking about, because it is the latest product of the entrepreneurial imagination of the Spain's most famous chef and the world: Ferran Andrià.

With the doors of El Bullì closed, Ferran Adrià together with his brother decided to bring his refined cuisine, full of imagination and the pursuit of perfection to Barcelona. Thus was born the Ticketswhich is more than a restaurant it is an experience.

Starting from the room itself, furnished as if it were a theater, a burluesque club, a circus. A place to eat while having fun just when you walk in the door. Everything is themed: the waiters dress to match the decor, the tables, the dishes, the ice cream cart with which a fillet of meat is served that made me startled too, who by now I have decided to be a vegetarian.

You can book online only, there is a very long waiting list, so if you are planning to come to Barcelona by February (you can only book three months in three months), hurry up: it's absolutely worth it.

They accompany you to your table and you will have always an attentive waiter e gentilísimo who will be at your disposal for the duration of your dinner. Let us advise you, they are not only kind, but also enthusiastic about the dishes they serve. They will give you explanations that will already make your mouth water.

It is not just traditional tapas, but the imagination of the Adrià brothers. Olives that are not olives. Liquid cheese ravioli. Tacos that don't have taco. Dishes that you can only find here ... and that are a joy for the palate. Here is an example of what we ate:

Las oliva-S del Tickets (show !!!)
Mini airbags filled with manchego cheese
Avocado canelloni with crab and romescu sauce
Jamón Joselito gran reserva and pan con tomate
Corvina taco
A chocolate cake, hazelnuts, orange and coffee that made me reconcile with the Spanish pastry chefs.

On the restaurant's website you will find the menu (which however changes quite often). Very high account (123.00 € in two with two glasses of wine and a beer each) but it is an experience to do at least once.

What: Tickets Bar
Where: Avinguda Paralelo, 164
How to get there: Metro L3, green - Stop: Poble Sec

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