Bangkok, 5 things to do

A few days in Bangkok? Here are five things to do in the city of Thailand to see the bare minimum. We are not talking about cultural sites, but about local activities, such as markets and aperitifs on the top floor of the most famous skyscrapers in the city.

If you've never been to Bangkok and you are planning a short stroll, your problem will be choosing what to do, see and eat. If you are about to return, the question to ask is: discover new things or give in to the temptation to repeat those already tried? Choosing is difficult but of the 5 things to do once you arrive in the city, one is absolutely to be repeated indefinitely: the first of my very personal list!

Wander around the night markets

In the city you will find several and each one will give you different sensations and experiences. One of the most popular with tourists is that of PatPong, also famous for its "red light" area: the stalls begin to appear in the late afternoon and remain active until the evening. You sell, you bargain, you scream, you eat. Honestly? I find it among the ugliest and most inflated.

My favorite is the Talai Rod Fai Market: the vintage that finds its maximum expression in the location, this market was born on an old abandoned railway. Also, if you have a passion for photography, it offers interesting views. Clothes, collectibles, glasses, dresses, shoes and good food. Here, as in the whole city, you can taste the excellent Thai street food: from Thursday to Sunday (from five to midnight) this area is filled with life and perfumes. You can find it at Srinakarin Road Soi 51.

Massages, massages and more massages

The centers where they make them are practically everywhere, on the street, in shopping malls and hotels. How to choose? Again: trust your instincts! Personally I made them both on the street and in shopping centers and I have always had a great time. The proposals are many, you will go crazy among perfumed oils, particular aromas, scrubs and much more. I've only experienced two: the classic foot massage (foot massages) and the traditional Thai one (referred to as thai massages). Let's start from the first: to tell you that at the end of the day it is simply fantastic is obvious but inevitable, at any time, wherever you are, you can enter a massage shop, sit on one of the armchairs and abandon yourself to the masseuse. You will finally understand what it feels like to have the world at your feet.

The second type is much stronger, either you love it or you hate it. My friend and I loved it very much! Given the ridiculous prices, we relied on a beauty farm in a shopping center. You will find a relaxing atmosphere and soft lighting, they will accommodate you in small rooms and provide you with a very large and comfortable cotton suit. When you are lying on the mat, low and thin, the masseuse will use different parts of her body (knees, heels, thumbs, forearms, etc.) to perform the massage first gently and then more intensely. You will assume positions that are not very natural and it will make you crack even what you did not think was "crackable".

Use river taxis

Observing a city from the water is wonderful. If in Turin I enjoy going up and down with the trams to the historic center, here you can navigate up and down the river Chao Phraya as often as you like, observing the architectural contrast that Bangkok will give you. Simply crossing the river will cost you just 3 bath; the solutions also in this case are different, it depends on what length you intend to cover and in which pier you are. Get a map, decide which pier to leave from and which pier to arrive at, in this way you can visit several main attractions of the city. Don't forget to do this both day and night when everything is illuminated.

Take an aperitif on the roof

Bangkok is full of clubs, bars and restaurants that enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from their terrace for the cost of a drink. In some of these bars, the view extends 360 ° over the city: having an aperitif and watching the lights come on until they illuminate the whole city is very pleasant. Before leaving, do a search on the most popular "rooftop cafes" of the moment, I will show you one: Bayoke Tower.

It is located in the Pratunam area and is the tallest skyscraper in the city, inside it houses many shops and a hotel but for 400 bath, you can take the elevator with a view, get to the eighty-third floor and remain motionless turning on yourself because the terrace is rotating! I really liked feeling very small while looking at the bright trails of the lights.

Take refuge in Lumphini Park

I don't know about you but I can't stay long without a park, the megalopolis dimension is interesting from many points of view but if there is a green lung nearby it's better! In Bangkok you will find the Lumphini park: if like me you need to escape the city without actually doing it and you like sitting on a lawn, here you will not be disappointed. In this park you can: watch the residents practice sports (tai chi, yoga, jogging), ride a bicycle, read a good book, rent a boat with oars to be romantics like in a comedy, eat strange things. Here too you will find the ubiquitous street vendors!

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