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Bali what to pack

Il climate of the island of Bali it's kind of tropical then the temperature they remain constant throughout the year (minimum 22 ° / 23 ° maximum 29 ° / 32 °).

If you decide to go on vacation to Bali you have to pack very light clothes, a hat for the sun, and a light sweatshirt for the evening while if you go from November to March, being the rainy period, we recommend that you bring a umbrella or waterproof.

If you are going to do it excursions or at sea or in the mountains we recommend that you also bring aquatic shoes, trekking shoes and the equipment for it snorkeling (you can rent it directly on the spot).

Bali Indonesia

Bali Map

What to eat in Bali and typical Indonesian dishes

La Indonesian cuisine it is, generally, a lot spicy and the food is almost always cooked with palm oil which gives it that oriental flavor.

Sull 'Bali island you can also enjoy one international cuisine it's a cuisine based on freshly caught peach fish (think that the lobster or lobster you will see as soon as you catch it and then find it on the plate cooked for a trade).

Here what to eat in Bali:

  • Snapper: it is a fish that has the similarity to the sea bream and is cooked wrapped in palm leaves and cooked gray.
  • Satay: they are skewers of meat or fish that are dipped in peanut sauce.

  • Gudeg: it is the set of fruits of the breadfruit that are boiled in coconut cream and spices and then served with buffalo skin boiled in chilli sauce, meat sauce, eggs and pieces of chicken.
  • Fried rice: is rice stir-fried with fish, vegetables, eggs and chicken.
  • Babi Guling: it is the suckling pig that is served with rice, pork rinds, vegetables, fried meat and sausage.

  • I'm Goreng: they are fried noodles with fish, vegetables, egg and chicken.
  • Fried chicken: it is chicken that is first boiled with coconut cream and spices and then fried.
  • Mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce: they are vegetables or bean sprouts or green beans seasoned with peanut sauce and served with tofu hard-boiled eggs.

Bali beaches
  • Porridge: it is a typical Indonesian dessert and is a pudding made with rice flour and coconut milk served in a banana leaf and covered with Balinese sugar syrup.
  • Fruit: in Bali you can eat many types of fruit such as papaya, bananas, mangoes, oranges, lychee, start fruit, dragon fruit and many others.

Getting around in Bali

A Bali you can easily move around with cars, bicycles e motorcycles and you can rent them in the main ones
tourist centers and in major cities.

in major cities, if you intend to travel with the taxi, you should agree on the price and the advice we give you is that of rent a moped to move around because you will certainly find a lot traffic.

Sull 'Bali island il public transport is based on bus but it is always advisable to rent a moped or a car and we recommend that you always drive on the left.

Recall that in Bali they are not provided vaccinations particular (possibly and preventively tetanus, hepatitis A and B and typhus), the language spoken is Balinese and English and the currency and the Indonesian rupiah (IDR).

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