Asolo, an area of ​​prosecco and good food

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Asolo, land of good food and excellent wine, like the Prosecco docg from the Treviso area. An itinerary on what to see and where to eat in Veneto.

One of the things I love to do most in the fall is to visit the magnificent medieval villages of which our Italy is so rich, especially if set in multicolored hills with orange leaves.
The area where I live is scattered with these jewels of history and architecture, and one of its pearls is without doubt Asolo, in the province of Treviso.

It is no coincidence that they chose it as their home or as a destination for long stays known and enlightened characters such as Queen Cornaro, Robert Browning, Henry James and Eleonora Duse: the magic of the hills that surround it, of the narrow alleys, of the monuments clinging to the Rocca and Castle, have always given it a noble, refined and relaxing air.

What not to miss in Asolo

For lovers of vintage like me, you can't miss the antiques Fair every second Sunday of the month: a riot of retro furniture, dusty books, 70s clothing, jewels of yesteryear on the perfect setting of the central square of the historic center and in the adjacent alleys, where you can certainly conclude some low cost deals.

Where to eat in Asolo

To refresh yourself, the fixed stage is in the centenary tavern Al Bacaro, where you can enjoy traditional Venetian specialties, such as cod Vicentina, tripe, nervetti or just a nice salami panaro homemade for a few tens of euros, including drinks. With the cold approaching, then, stop and sip a hot chocolate at the elegant, but not expensive, Central Coffee, which dominates the square, where Mastroianni, Deneuve, and Yoko Ono sat among others; and for the aperitif a nice wine accompanied by cicchettiWine shop Alle Ore.

Prosecco docg in Asolo

For food and wine lovers Asolo is a well-known destination Prosecco DOCG, so much so as to be part of the national circuit of City of Wine: taste a glass, which you can certainly find in all the inns, taverns and trattorias in the center and in the Asolo hills, perhaps accompanied by a good typical cheese, such as Bastard of Grappa or Morlacco.

What to see in Asolo

Finally, for a dip in local history, enter the museum, where, for the price of 5 euros, you can admire, in addition to the archaeological finds and nineteenth-century paintings, the interesting collection of objects that belonged to Queen Cornaro, or the letters and personal affections of Duse and d'Annunzio.
A day of history, nature and good food.

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