Artimino, eat in a Medici Villa for € 25

I would never have said that given the beautiful Medici Villa that I visited last weekend, yet. Yet in the restaurant bar of Villa Artimino it's possible lunch with 25 €, enjoy traditional Tuscan dishes with a beautiful Villa in front.

There is little to say about the Villa, not because there really isn't much but because it is beautiful. A visit here is worth a trip from Florence, which is about 20 minutes by car and 40 by public transport, which in any case reach up here. If you are lucky then, you will also be able to "catch" a wedding in the Villa, which makes it even more beautiful, all decorated and festive.

In the Artimino restaurant and bar you will find the tomato soup ribollita but also all wines of the Artimino estate, not to mention the delicious cold cuts and desserts.

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