Aperitif at the Osteria del Bugiardo in Verona

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Last Saturday I took a short tour in that of Verona between shopping and aperitifs. And, speaking of aperitifs, I was in a place of absolute quality.

It is called theOsteria del Liar and is located in Corso Porta Borsari 17, in the center. The place is very nice, intimate and characteristic and the atmosphere is that of a tavern but classy.

Very cordial and nice staff, which is good. It is a sort of wine shop, therefore excellent really excellent wines, which offers for the aperitif a series of croutons and various foodstuffs that have nothing to do with the common aperitifs.

The cost of wine obviously varies based on what you choose, but let's say a glass starts worldwide (Excl. Furniture), same cost for a Spritz (for fans there is also that). The food and snacks that you want to approach are paid and at your choice. But let's not talk about trivial aperitif foods. Here, among other things, they offer breadsticks with a raw ham that you will have to taste to understand the divine nature, delicious super elaborated croutons with cured meats, sauces, creams, mousses and various vegetables, cold cuts and cheeses of course, polenta and much more. The quality here will make all other aperitifs seem just "average".

Obviously, if you opt for a lot of food, you can practically dine here. In two with two glasses of wine and a few various appetizers you can make a semi-dinner with € 25 in total.

To get there you can park on the nearby Corso Porta Nuova or in one of its side streets and in 5 minutes you will be there on foot. The restaurant is open every day, except Mondays, from 11:00 to 22:00. I would say a mandatory stop if you are passing through Verona.

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