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    Ancona Flower Show, until April 7 in the Marche

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    Until the 7 April, will be held ad Ancona the First Edition of Ancona Flower Show, housed in the large courtyard of the Mole Vanvitelliana, in a riot of colors and scents of countless species of plants, from the most unusual to the fat ones, together with perennials, carnivores and many other curious varieties.

    Thanks to the collaboration with professionals in the area and beyond, the public will be able to participate in gardening courses and workshops basic and in-depth analysis. Educational games will be organized for the youngest visitors to the festival, to discover the bizarre world of nature.

    Through the section dedicated to cultural events on the site, you can subscribe for free to the many collateral events held within the exhibition, from specialist gardening courses, to basic courses, to courses for children held by experts, to cooking courses on non-toxic wild flowers and herbs held by well-known local chefs, to photography courses naturalistic, educational workshops.

    A special promotion is also active: those who decide to combine the entrance to “Ancona Flower Show” with a visit to the “Trubbiani. De rerum fabula. Sculptures, settings, drawings 1965 - 2008 ”(Ancona, Omero Museum) will be able to use a Special price for both events (4 euros + 4 euros) for a total of 8 euros. The exhibition will be open at the following times: 10 am-13pm and 16-20pm.

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