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    Alghero what to do and see in Sardinia

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    Alghero, what to see in the city of Sardinia, what not to miss and which beaches not to miss, here is a post dedicated to those who are about to leave for Sardinia on vacation and seek advice.

    Alghero it has a thousand facets and many reasons to be visited and appreciated. It has the charm of the seaside town, has many monuments and sites to visit and some naturalistic wonders nearby.

    The best known image of Alghero is that romance walks on the ramparts at nightfall, enjoying the incredible sunsets on Capo Caccia. Here you can breathe the air of the sea and of holidays and time seems to pass slowly between the boats moored in the port.

    This fortified city has the mura largely still intact and several towers that can be visited and which give the opportunity to make a real journey through the history of the city. Inside the entrance tower to the city, that of Porta Terra, there is a multimedia exhibition that traces the fundamental stages of the birth and development of Alghero up to the present day. It is from here that you can immerse yourself in the historic center: a tangle of narrow streets and small squares with shops and shops for tourists. In the evening it is filled with people who frequent the many places to eat, stop for an aperitif or for an evening with friends. The shop windows glitter with gold and coral jewelry, a symbol of local craftsmanship and of the city itself, also known as the capital of Riviera del Corallo.

    When it comes to beach life, there is plenty of choice. Thanks to his 90 kilometers of coastline you can devote yourself to finding your favorite beach. The most famous are those of Bombarde and Lazzaretto, very popular with white beach and all the services dedicated to sport and relaxation. The quietest is Cala Burantin heading south towards Bosa, which can be reached by walking for about 1 km on a dirt road. Alternatively the Lido of Alghero directly in the city or the nearby Maria Pia beach towards Fertilia.

    La Mugoni beach it is instead located in the wide bay of Porto Conte, in the protected marine area of ​​Capo Caccia. And it is precisely in Capo Caccia that one of the treasures of the area is found: the Neptune's cave.
    The cave can be visited for about six hundred meters and has several rooms with splendid colonnades, the internal lake Lamarmora and walls covered with stalactites and stalagmites with strange shapes and sometimes imposing dimensions.
    It is possible to reach it thanks to the Escala del Cabiròl, a long staircase on the rocky wall, wonderful to descend and tiring to climb, especially if you choose the central hours of the day. For the lazy, it is possible to be brought to the cave by the shuttle services from the city port.

    For those who love archeology, the advice is to visit the Palmavera nuraghe, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an ancient nuragic village, enter the mighty stone towers and admire these engineering works of the past. The domus de janas of Santu Pedru and Anghelo Ruju, on the other hand, lead us to discover the burial techniques and the abodes of the dead carved into the rock, similar to the abodes of the living. Anghelo Ruju it is one of the largest necropolis in Sardinia, a precious testimony of the funerary settlements of the Neolithic. About forty tombs, in some of which the symbols of the propitiatory rites that were carried out during the burial are clearly visible.

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