Airport taxes: how much do they cost me?

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Let's try to understand something more about the taxes that we have to pay every time to buy a plane ticket:

airport fees, are the expenses that the company pays for the use of airport services and vary according to the airports;
fuel surcharge, indicated on the ticket with the code YQ;
security fee, a cost that was added after the events of 11 September and which remains unchanged according to the periods of more or less high alert;
other supplements, are the costs that may also depend on our needs, such as payment by credit card or insurance or recently Ryanair has introduced the payment for priority boarding, get on the plane before the others, so to speak.

Le cups they are now everywhere, even on airplanes. Why then are we only now dealing with this problem? A few years ago when low cost flights already existed, but few were used to this type of travel, it was difficult to trust and buy, but once done, the price was really low. Now that at least once in our life, more or less everyone has taken a low cost flight, or at least we have heard of it, i low cost flights they have become very salty.

Often then you have to be very careful when compiling the purchase forms, because a single mistake can be fatal. A ticket change, name change, time change or date change is more expensive than buying the full ticket again. A name change, I could bring you the evidence, it costs with the beauty of 100 €, while the ticket often costs just € 20.

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