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    By far the most common form of lodging and sleeping in rural areas of the United States and along many interstates is the motel. Equipped with budget rooms for self-driving travelers, most of the motels are clean and offer many amenities: telephone, TV, bed, bathroom and wi-fi internet connection.


    Motel 6 is a national chain with reasonable prices ranging from $ 30 to $ 70, depending on the city. Super 8 Motels offers reasonable accommodation throughout the country. Reservations are almost always unnecessary, you can simply drive until tired and then find a room in one of the motels in the area.


    Hotels for business or for an extended stay are increasingly available across the country. They can be found in smaller cities across the Midwest or in coastal urban areas.

    They are generally more expensive than motels, but not as expensive as luxury hotels, ranging from $ 70 to $ 170. Hotel rooms are the size of motels, but offer the amenities of large hotels.

    Alcuni esempi sono: Marriott Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn, e Residence Inns; Hilton Hampton Inn e Hilton Garden Inn; Di Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Express; Starwood Four Points by Sheraton, e Hyatt Place.

    Some hotels for extended stays they are aimed at business travelers or families for long stays. These hotels often have kitchens in most rooms, socializing events in the afternoons (usually by the pool), and serve a continental breakfast. Such "suites" are roughly equivalent to residences in Spain, although the term "residence" is not generally used in American English.

    Blue Swallow Motel, USA –
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