A virtual trip to Vietnam, events in Milan

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Have you ever dreamed of a trip to the distant and much discussed Vietnam?
They speak of incredible landscapes, of rivers, unspoiled sea and villages, beautiful beaches and wild nature, a world to discover for travelers looking for out of the ordinary destinations.

2013 was established the Year of Vietnam in Italy, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two states (1973 - 2013) and for this anniversary, the Vietnamese days have been set up, an interesting opportunity to get closer to Asian culture, to get to know some culture and to see some photographs of this country which, in our collective imagination, is synonymous only with war and destruction.

Some events have already been organized a Florence, Bologna, Venice and Turin, now they stop at Milan and will continue in November a Genoa to finish in December a Rome.

Since 22 to 31 October a Palazzo Moriggia, in via Via Borgonuovo 23, in the heart of Milan, there will be exhibitions and events on clothes and colors of the eastern country, free admission exhibitions to admire the art and traditions of a people very distant from ours.

Also at Palazzo Moriggia, the meeting “Vietnam - History and Culture” is scheduled for Friday 25 October at 15.30 pm and on Thursday 31 October, again at 15.30 pm, the conference “Vietnam 1973-2013. Literary history, diplomacy, economics ”.

From 15 November at the Chamber of Labor of Milan the photographic exhibition, always with free admission, will be held on solidarity between Italy and Vietnam in the years 1960-1970, while in December it will be possible to buy Vietnamese objects at "L'artigiano in Fiera", the traditional fair in the Rho pole, where every year there is a very crowded event where it is possible to buy products from all over the world.

An opportunity to see and discover another world while staying in the city.

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