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    A long weekend in the Tremiti Islands: what to do

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    Are you ready to dive into a crystal clear sea? Read the post to learn more about the beautiful Tremiti Islands: full of coves, caves and landscapes that will leave you breathless.

    Do you have a few days but want to dive into a crystal clear sea? Impossible? Absolutely not! Our beautiful country has what you are looking for. Indeed, the difficulty will be choosing where to go to enjoy a long weekend of relaxation and sun with a sea that rivals the Caribbean. We, after some discussion, opted for the Apulia, precisely for the beautiful Tremiti Islands. Come, we tell you about ours four days to the Tremiti by train.

    How to reach the Tremiti Islands

    I admit that I am not a great lover of the sea and islands but this year I wanted a beautiful sea and a place that did not make me want to see everything and more. Therefore the island of San Domino alle Tremiti it was just for me.

    Once you have chosen your destination, you have to think about how to reach it. Having 4 days, we couldn't waste time, so the first thought went to the plane. But checking well wasn't the optimal solution. Bus? Not even talking about it. And what are we left with? The train. And the latter was our vehicle. With a nice night train we reached Foggia. We continued until port of Termoli by bus to finish with a flourish an hour by ferry to the Tremiti, precisely on the island of San Domino. With this solution we wasted no time and in the late morning we were already walking on this beautiful and tiny island.

    The Island of San Domino

    The day of our arrival, armed with a map of the place, we decided to explore it. Taken the main road, in a few minutes, we reached the city center: a square surrounded by some restaurants and some places to have an aperitif and wait for dinner. We always continue on the asphalted road until we reach a crossroads where we find a sign indicating the various routes that can be followed on the island. We decide to go along the perimeter so as to have an idea of ​​the whole island and with the possibility of admiring the splendid sea that surrounds us. We continue until we reach the lighthouse on the western tip of the island and then continue on the south coast.

    The Cala di Zio Cesare

    Given the great heat and the tiredness that begins to be felt, we opt for a stop in one of the many coves. Our chosen one is Cala di Zio Cesare. Breathtaking place where we spend a few hours, obviously in the water with mask and snorkel. After we change cove and visit the Salt Cave so called because once the salt was hidden by smugglers. Here too we treat ourselves to a dip in the crystal clear waters, and then return to the center observing the beauty of the sea from above. The first day ends with a good aperitif at “Era Ora” and a delicious dinner at the Punta del Diamante Village where we are staying.

    Many coves and caves of the island can only be reached by sea. So we decide to spend the morning in a canoe. Perhaps not the most convenient solution, given that there is the possibility of renting small motor boats without having a nautical license.

    The north coast of San Domino and San Nicola

    With the canoe it is not possible to go all around the island because there is a ban on passing through the port as it is a dangerous area, given the passage of various boats. We thus opt to visit the coves and caves of the north coast of the island: Cala Tamariello, Cala Tonda, Cala della Tramontana, Cala degli Inglesi, Cala dei Benedettini, the Grotta delle Rondinelle and Punta Secca. Let's go back to finish our trip to I haystacks, where we stop to do some snorkeling. Tired and hungry, we return to the hotel to enjoy an excellent fish-based lunch and to rest. In the late afternoon we return to the center to end the day with an excellent dinner overlooking the small town island of San Nicola at the "Belvedere" restaurant.

    Cala Tamariello

    And it is this last island that we decide to visit during our third day. We go to the port in the late morning and wait for the ferry that takes us to the island of San Nicola in 2 minutes. We spend a few hours to visit the fortress and the small center of the island. The view is breathtaking but to be honest the island is a bit neglected. In the afternoon we return to San Domino and go to Cala Tamariello, on the northwestern side of the island and wait for the sunset.

    We have now reached the fourth and last day of our journey. Today complete relaxation so as to recover energy for the night on the train that awaits us. We decide to enjoy Cala dello Spido and then Cala Matano. The day ends very quickly and with great regret we say goodbye to these beautiful islands that have given us so many experiences and breathtaking landscapes.

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