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    A healthy breakfast in Madrid: Faborit!

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    Often we Italians abroad indulge in the luxury of a breakfast in the well-known chain of "Starbucks", whose premises crowd the most important European cities and beyond ... but let's face it: at least for us Italians, breakfast at Starbucks is truly a luxury, especially when compared to the average cost of an Italian breakfast. I also often fall for it, but in that of Madrid I found the solution and I am ready to reveal it to you ...

    It is a Spanish chain present in the Madrid capital with well seven locations which has a truly delicious environment and products that are completely comparable to those of Starbucks, indeed I would define them as better because they are more genuine ... and cheaper, an element that for us travelers is really a must!

    As locations you will be spoiled for choice because they are located in the most strategic points of Madrid: Calle San Bernardo (a side street of the Gran Via), Calle de Alcalà, Avenida Burgos, Plaza de las Cortes, two locations on the Paseo de la Castellana, one on the Paseo del Prado and finally there is a Faborit in Plaza Betran. Their motto is "Urban Healthy Coffee Shop“, In fact, these are healthy products, very attentive to the environment. A typical breakfast with a cappuccino, or café con leche or cortado, brioche (including croissants or braids or muffins or a slice of cake) and a freshly squeezed orange juice 2.50 / 3 euro. I loved the chocolate muffin, but the blueberry muffin wasn't bad either.

    Yogurt is also very tasty: you will find natural yogurt to whom add fruit or jam or delicious and refreshing milkshakes or fruit and vegetable juices, one for each day… really all to try because you are spoiled for choice. For those who want to try a typical Spanish breakfast, take a gamble with tostada with tomate (with oil and tomato), or a slice of toast with a tomato cream and a pinch of oil.

    Faborit in reality it is a place where you can also have lunch or dinner as there are so many products for a healthy lunch break. Among these are saltado rice, bagel with ham and cheese or with salmon, cream of carrots, salads of various kinds (rice, pasta for us nostalgic Italians, green and mixed). For the more ethnic there are also noodles with chicken and vegetables and other similar dishes.
    There is no shortage of desserts including the chocolate fondue with cream and in which you can also dip the fruit… in short, a really versatile place that serves good and healthy cuisine.

    Faborit is open every day: from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 22, Saturday from 9 to 24 and finally on Sundays and holidays from 9 to 22.

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