5 tips before visiting the Louvre

visit Louvre it is one of the main stops for any tourist in Paris, because the Louvre is essentially the Louvre: there are no words to describe the majesty and extraordinary nature of the structure, the collections and its history.

What to do to enjoy it to the fullest ?! Here are some tips and remember that the Louvre is free the first Sunday of the month;)

  • Comfortable shoes: this is the basis of every trip: however, in my recent visit to the Louvre I noticed many young maidens forced to commute from one sofa to another in the various rooms, because they wore shoes with very high heels.
  • Dress like onions but not too much: the Louvre does not offer a cloakroom service and it is therefore useful to wear coats or jackets that can be easily closed in comfortable handbags; also, keep in mind that with lower temperatures, turning on the heating system and the omnipresent crowd will cause the indoor environment to overheat: do not dress as if you were visiting the North Pole.
  • How to avoid the long queues at the entrance?  To avoid the long queues at the entrance it is necessary to take the line 1 of the metro and get off at the stop Musee du Louvre. Following the signs, you will find yourself directly at the museum entrance. By purchasing the ticket in one of the official retailers distributed along the route from the metro exit to the museum entrance, you will have the opportunity to save time and "health".
  • Audio guide yes or no? Personally I would say yes, because with only 5 euros you will have one available Nintendo DS able not only to give you the appropriate explanations on works, collections and rooms, but also to geolocate you and to propose suggestions on possible itineraries to follow. However, if you are a bit of a wimp with technology, forget it: you would spend all your time trying to understand how your Nintendo works, losing the opportunity to admire the works.
  • Visit the whole museum: it is not humanly possible to visit the whole museum in one day, as long as you intend to visit each work and listen to the explanation of the audio guide: it is for this reason that there are daily passes that will allow you to visit the structure in several days. Personally, I believe that a trip is worth only spent to visit a museum despite its importance: it is therefore necessary to select the main works to admire and on this there is also an audio guide to help you.

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