5 places not to be missed in the Valdarno Aretino

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Visit in the province of Arezzo, an area full of beautiful stages and still little known by mass tourism. Medieval villages, canyon-like landscapes and lots of history to discover await you.

Tuscany is a very beautiful region, with fairytale landscapes and cities rich in art. Every glimpse, every city seems to come out of a painting. We all know it for the idyllic landscapes of the Val d'Orcia, for the magical Florence, for the leaning tower, but there are some areas still little known by tourism that would be worth visiting. We are talking about the area of ​​the Valdarno Aretino. The Arno Valley on the part of the province of Arezzo is not yet well known, but this does not mean that it is less attractive or to be neglected, on the contrary. In this area there are medieval villages, some of the most beautiful villages in Italy and natural formations similar to canyons.

With the post we take you to the discovery of 5 unmissable stages in the Valdarno Aretino area.

1. The Balze

Crossing part of the Aretino Valdarno, near Terranuova Bracciolini, Castelfranco Pian di Scò and Loro Ciuffenna, along the ancient Cassia Vetus road, you can admire a very fascinating landscape similar to canyons. This is the Balze, that is the natural formations of sand, clay and gravel stratified about 100 m high, of different shapes, formed thanks to the process of erosion of the sediments.

2. Them Ciuffenna

It is right among the landscape of the Balze that one of the most beautiful villages in Italy is located: Loro Ciuffenna. A small town between the plains and the mountains, built next to the Ciuffenna stream. The village, of medieval origins, can be visited in a short time, do not miss the central square and the clock tower and the still functioning water mill. One of the most beautiful attractions of Loro Ciuffenna is located a few kilometers from the center and it is the Parish church of San Pietro in Gropina. This church is one of the examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany.

3. Ponte a Buriano

Going towards Arezzo, you cross a bridge that is important for history and art; it is Ponte a Buriano. Buriano Bridge is a small town in the province of Arezzo, which takes its name from the bridge that crosses the Arno at this point. According to some theories of art scholars it seems that the bridge depicted behind the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, is precisely that of this locality.

4. Laterina

Not far from Arezzo is Laterina, a village of medieval origin built on a hill. Many buildings have preserved their origins. To visit in July, when the historical re-enactment takes place. The whole town goes back in time and the ladies and knights return to wander the streets of the town.

5. Montevarchi and San Giovanni Valdarno

Two municipalities a few kilometers from each other, both with a very interesting historic center.
In San Giovanni Valdarno there is the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Palazzo d'Arnolfo, two buildings in the center, with an interesting structure. Another interesting building, especially for art lovers is the Casa Masaccio. In this house dedicated to the homonymous painter there are art exhibitions.

In Montevarchi, in the historic center, there are two very interesting museums, one dedicated to art, the Cassero Museum, and one dedicated to natural history, the Paleontological Museum. Inside the latter it is possible to discover part of the history of this area and it is possible to admire some fossils found in the Valdarno.
A few meters from the historic center of Montevarchi is located Villa Masini, in late eclectic, liberty and art deco style, this villa was the set of the film “La Vita e Bella”.

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