5 new openings in Milan: for all tastes and budgets

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Spirit de Milan (zona Bovisa) 

The Livellara crystal shop has reopened its courtyards with Spirit de Milan, a place where you can rediscover the Milan of the past, that of our grandparents ... of black and white photos. The aim of the creators (the same of Swing in Milan) is to revive the atmosphere of the old Milan, rediscovering the traditions through food, music, and dance.

When you enter the courtyard you really get the impression of having been catapulted into another era! It is a very suggestive place.

Important musicians of the international swing jazz scene will play here, but not only: everyone, young or old, will be able to go on stage and play (on Wednesday, for example, there is the evening "Bring your instrument", and everyone can express themselves in front of to the local public).

There is a restaurant (with do-it-yourself service, but well organized) that offers the best dishes of genuine Milanese cuisine, two bars and a large dance floor that will leave room for guests to enjoy until the first light of dawn. .

The programming of the evenings changes then .. take a look at the FB page to consult the calendar of events! At the moment I would like to point out the “Barbera & Champagne” evening (which welcomes guests of various Milanese backgrounds to reproduce the atmosphere of an old Milan tavern), the Holy Swing Night and the “Bring your instrument” evening.

Not to be missed!

Address: Via Bovisasca 59

Hours: Wed / Sun: Restaurant 20: 00-23: 00 - local: until dawn (or almost)

Yellow toll booth (Tortona area)

A secret garden that opens onto the railway tracks ... a former railway toll booth transformed into a private house and "used" this year, for the first time, during the Salone del Mobile. Along the wall that runs along the railway in Via Tortona at a certain point, unexpectedly, this small garden opens up and you find yourself in a timeless place.

The tables are scattered among lavender plants, roses, and small gardens. It is a very relaxing and relaxed place to chat with friends until late. At the kiosk you will find beers, aperitifs and cocktails; to eat instead you have a wide choice between the Japanese street food menu of the Maidò, the Italian cuisine menu of the Millino, and the hamburger menu of Hambistro (without any price increase!).

If you live in the neighborhood and go on vacation you can bring your plants here, in foster care, and they will be watered and cared for (with a minimum contribution).

Activities for children are also organized (“Discover the garden while playing”, “Drawing”, etc.); for the updated program consult the website.

My new must for summer 2015?

Address: Via savona 5 / A

Tel: +39 335 23 10 29

Hours: Mon / Sat 18: 00- 02:00 - Sun. 12: 30- 02:00

Al Cortile (Bocconi area) 

Thanks to the Food Genius Academy (a professional training school for Haute Cuisine), the Bio Temporary Restaurant “Al Cortile” is born, which will remain open (at least so they say… but I don't believe it… I really hope not! ) only for the 6 months of the Expo. In a post-industrial context (a former brick foundry), crossing several courtyards you arrive at this magnificent place. A courtyard set up with tables and lights and a restaurant with (more than) open kitchen with vintage furniture. The atmosphere is very warm and familiar, with a long wooden counter that respects the equal importance of good drinking in this restaurant. The cuisine is of the highest level, starred chefs (Italian and non-Italian) alternate with chefs from the Food Genius Academy to propose gourmet menus combined with as many cocktails. It is normally open from Thursday to Sunday, and the Tapas & Cocktails evenings alternate (Thursday and Saturday, with Comfort food translated into tapas, combined with a proposal of creative cocktails), the starry evening (on Friday, with tasting menu ) and Sunday brunch (traditional Brunch proposals supported by Tapas and the special Hangover Cocktails by Tucci); for the precise weekly program you should consult the site. Reservations are required (there are few places!).

I find it very nice that the guests have a direct approach to the chefs! In fact, you can "enter" the kitchen and observe the preparation of dishes and cocktails, asking questions and so on ... almost as if you were at home?

It deserves and deserves!

Address: Via Giovenale 7

Tel: 02 8909 3079

Hours: Thu / Sat 19: 00- 01:00 Sun 11: 00-15: 00 (times and days may change according to events)

Ciclosfuso (Porta Genova area)

From the love for bicycles and wine of two friends, Matteo and Gianluca, Ciclosfuso was born. In an internal ex-industrial space on Via Vigevano they founded this winery / cycle-workshop / bike shop / bistro that combines everything. In general, there is a great deal of research on products (be they wines, bikes, cheeses or other foods) and a great attention to the environment and sustainability. The bulk wine is offered in 8 types, in as many steel barrels, and changes according to the season and availability. You can come here (by bike of course!) With your bottle and take home some excellent wine at very popular prices (if you don't have the bottles you can buy them from them for 0,5 Euros). Here you will also find 70 labels selected from 26 farms, including the bottles of wine produced by the great Moser or the Coppi family?

To eat .. excellent salads, and platters of cheeses / cold cuts (every Wednesday Matteo and Gianluca offer a combination of cheese / glass of wine for the “Wednesdays of the Ciclosfuso”).

As for the bikes, in addition to the cycle-workshop, you can choose between three houses: Cinelli, Wilier Triestina and the folding Tern. But there is also the Ciclosfuso city bike for men and women! Unique and "tailor-made" bicycles, rigorously Made in Italy, fully customizable in all details (chrome plating and painting of the frame, saddle, brakes and tires) ... for the most whimsical!

A tip: always get advice from Matteo and Gianluca! They will know how to respect your tastes by always making you try something new and good.

Address: Via Vigevano 43

Tel. 02 5810 9640

Hours: Tue / Sat 10: 00-21: 00

Belle Donne Bistrot (Tortona area) 

After the success of the “Cantinetta Belle Donne” in via Pisacane, the “Belle Donne Bistrot” in Via Tortona opened, with the management of two well-known personalities loved by those who frequent the Milanese scene: Kip Voyatek and David Beltran. A restaurant where the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine (mainly Tuscan) is revisited in a contemporary key for the first Tuscan Bistrot in Milan. But the concept of the restaurant is also based on the ritual of the aperitif (we are still in Milan!) And of good drinking: original and quality "botanical" cocktails are studied and proposed ad hoc by the barman, accompanied by seasonal finger food and live music (every Wednesday Aperitif & Dinner by Flor).

During the day, on the other hand, it is possible to find vitamin juices based on fresh fruit and vegetables, even to take away.

There is a business proposal for lunch and an à la carte menu for the evening. Take advice from Kip and David and..you won't be disappointed!

Excellent value for money!

Address: Via Tortona 28

Tel:  +39 02 58 10 98 94

Hours: Mon / Sat 11: 00- 00:00

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