5 foods not to miss in New York

New York it is not only characterized by wonderful things to see but also characteristic foods that you absolutely cannot miss. Here is a small list on 5 typical dishes it's a lot street food not to be missed in New York, not even for a dream!

Hot dog

The most traditional and famous symbol of New York is certainly thehot dog. Born in New York many different ago, it is the lunch, snack and dinner of millions of people every day. The hot dog is sold everywhere but that of the stalls found on every street corner is absolutely the most original and obviously the best. The bread is very soft and small, the frankfurter inside is simply delicious, you can add ketchup, mustard and generally they cost 1$ or $ 2 some stalls offer the addition of chili and fried onion very crunchy. A cheap, quick and divine snack.
I recommend trying thehot dog from Nathan's, first place ever to have served a hot dog.


If you come to New York you absolutely cannot miss the goodness of the gods cupcake. Cupcakes are basically theevolution of muffins. The basic body is that of the muffin which can be chocolate, vanilla, red velvet. The difference with the muffin is in the "icing" on top. Unleash your imagination because there really is something for all tastes, in addition to the classic chocolate and vanilla do not let it slip away peanut butter, mint, coffee, strawberry, pistachio, lemon. There are all kinds and after trying the first one you will want to try them all.


My personal discovery. Since I tried them I wouldn't eat anything else all day, and I'm not joking at all. They can be sweet or savory. Imagine a crêpes as tall as an omelette and circular. The typical condiment is lo Maple syrup (if you have tried it from the supermarket, know that it is quite different from what they will give you in New York). The pancakes I'm crazy for are two the first with two scrambled eggs, super crunchy bacon, melted cheese inside and sausage. Absolutely a calorie bomb if you haven't eaten for days, ideal if you want to leave a part of it for a snack or for the next day. The other taste, always very caloric but also delicious, is banana and peanut butter, I always opt for the addition of Nutella, and I said it all.


Bacon is nothing more than our bacon, but for some reason their bacon is cooked in such a way that it remains super crunchy and fine. So that when you finished a slice you would eat another twenty thousand. Basically in America they would put bacon everywhere, I have seen it also put in hot chocolate and I assure you that it is an exceptional thing. If you want to try new things I recommend the Baconery on Amsterdam av between 103th str and 104th str. You can taste the best bacon in the most varied dishes possible.

Fried chicken wings

Finally, I absolutely recommend trying the fried chicken wings in a sweet or spicy sauce. I know it sounds like a mundane dish, but it's not. The way they are fried and these two topping choices will have you licking your lips. But be prepared because the spicy ones are really spicy! If your stomach is strong enough you will love them.

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