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    48 hours in Volterra, Tuscany for 3 days low cost

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    Volterra It is one of Villages of Tuscany most loved by Italians and also by tourists. Volterra is a highly sought after place, not only because it is really beautiful and evocative, but also, let's not forget it, because a part of the famous film was shot here New Moon which made not only Italian teenagers go crazy but those from all over the world.

    Leaving aside this particular, here what to do, what see e where to eat in Volterra so as not to miss anything of this fabulous Tuscan location.

    What see? Volterra dominates the Val di Cecina thanks to its position and from here you can see a beautiful view, especially in the evening. The medieval village is characterized by narrow and sloping streets, but a small tour inside the village is a must to discover what characterizes Volterra, the history and culture of a town that does not change, indeed, remains. In Volterra it is a must to see the Palazzo dei Priori, a building with a pentagonal base which is also the "draft" of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The visit, however, is € 3.50 while the family enters at € 8. The town council hall is interesting for the walls full of coats of arms and paintings and can be visited at a cost of € 1.50 at certain times. The tower is accessed 5 at a time and in summer the queue is large, decide whether to go there and choose not too central times. The Piazza dei Priori is the square where in addition to the Palazzo Pretorio, the ancient residence of the Captain of the People, there is the Palazzo dei Priori, completed in 1254, the oldest in the Tuscany Region. Another really important thing to see is the Volterra Cathedral and  Baptistery of San Giovanni both in Piazza San Giovanni. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta was built around 1120 on a pre-existing church dedicated to Santa Maria. The facade has two orders and the interior is a Latin cross with three naves divided by granite columns and walls painted in black and white bands, on the sides of which there are interesting chapels.

    What to do? 
    La Gate of the Arch (o at the Arco) of Volterra, dating back to about the III-II century BC, is part of the city bench walls, originally built by the Etruscans and then subsequently modified in the Middle Ages. One way to visit Volterra in an original way is to go there on a Vespa. Fiocco Rosso Viaggi organizes a Vespa tour through the Tuscan valleys where you also touch the medieval village of Volterra.

    Where to eat? Eating in Volterra is not always cheap, there are many guides who recommend more or less historic restaurants, not to mention famous. My advice is undoubtedly to go to the Incontro bar in via Matteotti to eat some good local desserts, while for lunch I recommend theLischeto farmhouse, a farm with a swimming pool where you can eat very well just below Volterra.

    How to get there from Siena and Florence? The best way to get to Volterra is undoubtedly by car, or by Vespa: P since they are 40 km from Cecina, 28 km from Colle Val d'Elsa or 48 km from Pontedera. As for public transport it is much easier by bus. The sites to keep under control in this case are those of Sita Toscana e Sena Autolinee.

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