48 hours in Cesenatico, weekend in Romagna

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Cesenatico it is one of the most beautiful Romagna towns on the coast. Known mostly for family holidays, there is actually much more in Cesenatico. Cesenatico offers both to families even with very little children, both ai young who want to have a good time here.

What to do in Cesenatico? In Cesenatico you can do several things, first of all the sea. The sea of ​​Cesenatico has shallow waters and is able to satisfy the needs of young and old who want to "splash around" in the sea without danger. For the older ones there are bathing facilities equipped with beach and basketball courts and in every season of the year a good run, perhaps early in the morning, is a panacea. In Cesenatico you can go and see the fabulous Maritime Museum to learn more about our history and the history of the boats that have made this part of the coast great. For cycling enthusiasts there is also it Pantani space, while for families there is the Butterfly House, a beautiful place to have fun while learning, not too far from Cesenatico.

Where to eat in Cesenatico? Although small Cesenatico offers several restaurants including fish where you can have a good lunch, eat a flatbread or enjoy a caprese. Beware of the restaurants on the Pier, some have only a good name but they shoot too high prices. I personally recommend the Maré and Adriatic bath 62, towards the sea, the so famous Osteria del Gran Fritto I recommend it in part, high prices even if you eat well. Finally a big no to the La Baia restaurant, in front of the Marè restaurant to be clear, a place where only pizza is good in my opinion. For the evenings I recommend Pier 95 and Sloppy Joe's.

What to see in Cesenatico? In Cesenatico I recommend a nice tour in the historic city center. Here is a lot of history starting from Piazzetta delle Conserve where every day the inland farmers' market takes place and where you can find fruit and vegetables with wonderful colors and smells. I recommend taking a tour of the covered fish market, next to the Piazzetta delle Conserve and taking a nice walk along the Molo. Here in winter the beautiful boats that are part of the Maritime Museum, but always visible to everyone because they are the open-air section of the Museum, are used as a Nativity scene. Yes, you got it right. The boats lit up like a Christmas tree house the characters of the Christian tradition and in every boat these statues stand out. Not to be missed!

Where to sleep in Cesenatico? In Cesenatico it exists Cesenatico Bellavita, a Consortium that includes as many as 30 hotels in the center of Cesenatico but also a little outside, towards Valverde for example. I recommend this Consortium and to be precise theValverde hotels where I've been several times.

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