4 days in Mallorca by car, what to see

Travel tips for spending four days in beautiful Mallorca by car: 4 fun and relaxing stops to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the island and organize your perfect low cost holiday.

4 days in Mallorca by car can be enough to get around the island without leaving anything - or almost - unexplored. You know, in the summer you always look for a place to go to spend some time with yourself and recharge your batteries from work fatigue. It is precisely on this idea that I oriented mine 4 days by car to Mallorca.

Mallorca, 4 days by car: how to organize

This is a trip that you could organize at a more than reasonable price if you book in advance and choose your car partner well. For this holiday full of stages, I booked - for the first time - with rentalcars.com - and the company that offered me the service was on site okrentacar.es.

The rental price included a security deposit (returned in a very reasonable time).

Of course, also consider the cost of fuel.

Majorca by car: the stages

Day 1. The Aquarium and Cala Pi

I was lucky enough to arrive in Mallorca early in the morning, so once I picked up the rental car, I immediately headed - as I had planned - to the south-south / east of the island.

The Mallorca Aquarium is a stop for young and old. The money to enter the Aquarium is absolutely well spent. It is obviously worth a visit, but for a lover of open water like me, it is not the best to see so much immensity of aquatic species in such a small world for them.

Having said that, it is definitely a stop for those who travel above all in family and with the little ones who will surely be amazed by so much beauty.

Direction Cala Pi and Platja des Trench

After visiting the aquarium - and having a food break - head towards Cala Pi, and don't miss the splendid cliff that will accompany you during the journey by car.

If in Cala Pi you feel a little tight (the beach is not proportionate to the number of people who go there), continue in the direction of Ses Salines towards the Platja des Trenc.

Platja des Trenc is a beach of white sand and a turquoise water with a unique transparency. You will truly feel like you are in the Caribbean for a moment.

Enjoy a swim in these beautiful waters and relax, you are still on vacation.

Even if it may seem like a short tour as your first day, don't underestimate it, because, of course, you will often stop along the way to admire the views and take some photos.

The first day ends with the check-in at the hotel (Brondo Architect Hotel in Palma de Mallorca), and dinner with an evening tour in Palma.

If you want to continue with a bit of nightlife, move to El Arenal or Magalouf.

Day 2. Beaches, towns and excursions

I don't know if you set the alarm even on vacation, but I must say that I had to since otherwise I would have slept until late morning!

The second day I headed to the famous Magalouf and, after a walk along the city waterfront (the beach is beautiful and well-equipped, it is also a very lively center, especially in the evening), I still preferred to continue for quieter locations heading towards Sant Elm.

In Sant Elm enjoy the beach and the town.

If you have time, you can also organize a trip to the Sa Dragonera, the islet opposite Sant Elm which is a Natural Park.

After a busy morning, I headed to what is the mountainous part of the island towards Soller.

Along this route, made up of ups and downs, hairpin bends, sharp bends and glimpses of the sea that open up between the mountains, you will discover a lot of beautiful, well-kept and welcoming villages: Estellenc, Esporles, Valldemossa, Deià and Soller.

To conclude the second day in a splendid way, the advice I can give you is to end the day on promontory of Sa Foradada.

If you love hiking, you can go down from the mountain to the sea and then obviously go up again, in about 2 hours. At the end there will be the sea waiting for you, after a journey immersed in nature.

Wait for the sunset, and then during the ascent, enjoy the thousand colors that will color the sky.

Day 3. North of Mallorca

The third day of these 4 days driving to Mallorca, you could dedicate it to the North of Mallorca.
The north side direction Inca / Pollenca it is the one that best suits families, but also for those who love views that are cut out between the cliffs.
In addition to the beautiful and peaceful bays of Pollenca and Alcúdia, the attraction that is undoubtedly most successful is that of Cap de Formentor.
This tip, is one of the best known tourist attractions in Mallorca.

Access to the last 11km leading to the tip and the lighthouse of the same name, during the summer months, is free and allowed independently, only before 10am and after 19pm.

If, on the other hand, you want to access it between 10 and 19, you will have to do it via a paid bus that you can take at the foot of the promontory.

The undersigned, as a good guy low-cost traveler, in order not to pay for the car park and bus ticket, he waited until 19 pm to enter.

Having waited for 19pm, in fact, when I reached the top, I found a certain crowd. So be careful though, the narrow road and the crowding of cars is truly remarkable!

If you are not used to blind curves and millimeter passages between cars I strongly advise against it.

Day 4. Relax before leaving

On the fourth day of these 4 days by car in Mallorca, I would say that you can dedicate it to what remains to be seen, or look for some coves away from everything and everyone to relax.

Or, you can head to Caves of the Dragon east of the island.

To visit the caves, refer to the official website to regulate yourself well with the opening hours and above all for the purchase of tickets (recommended).

I personally - because of these shortcomings of mine - I skipped the visit and I dedicated the rest of the time to take another bath and get some sun.

If you have been to Mallorca please let me know, soon I will tell you more.

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